What is WWW: World Wide Web History

What is WWW: Often 3 characters typed together (#www), this is commonly used to type the address of a website. But What is World Wide Web? Of course the question arises often.

The WWW (World Wide Web), also commonly referred to as W3 or the Web, is actually an interconnected system of public webpages that are accessed via the Internet. For your information, the Web and the Internet are not the same thing: the Web is actually one of the many applications created on the Internet.

Another question will come to your mind that why WWW is written in front of every website. http://www.guznu.com Take example. In this world of web, network, smartphones, it is important to have information about all these. So let us know what is World Wide Web.

World Wide Web History?

Tim Berners-Lee Who is called the inventor of the World Wide Web. Who is also called the inventor of the web. Berners-Lee was a director of the W3C. He invented the technology of linking web pages together. With the concept of hypertext, he changed the perspective of the Internet.

Before the World Wide Web, only the Internet displayed information, but it only displayed text-like information. Although it was a very good way of exchanging information.

1989 Berners-Lee begins work on the World Wide Web Server. The name of this server was given “httpd”. Initially, WWW was something like a WYSIWYG hypertext browser/editor that runs in the NeXTSTEP environment.

The first test of the World Wide Web took place in December 1990 in the laboratories of CERN in Switzerland. By 1991, web browsers and web server software were made available and by 1992 some sites were hosted on servers.

What is WWW in Hindi What is WWW

WWW is the abbreviation of “World Wide Web”. Where the World Wide Web is a name given to all parts of the Internet that can be accessed through web browser software. The World Wide Web is the most widely used service and has grown very rapidly.

This is because the service enables users to get information in different formats. Like text, image, video. If understood in simple language, this “World Wide Web” information web page on the Internet appears on the laptop mobile screen through the browser.

WWW is also called W3 or Web. It is an information space. Here HTML documents and web resources are identified through the Uniform Resource Locator. To make information visible to the public on the Internet, web hosting is a place where a website is uploaded to the Internet so that people can view information on it through www.

Where HTML documents are linked together through hyperlinks. We access these web documents through the Internet. It is the central hub for storing information. WWW is the primary tool through which we access or communicate on the Internet.

To be able to access www from a computer or other device, web client programs are used called web browsers. Currently there are many types of browsers used like- Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.

Basically, the Internet has many features that need to be known. One of the requirements for creating the first web mail service and social media accounts is the most widely used service on the Internet. Where at this time email can be created for free. Next is the search engine, a search engine that helps Internet users find an address even if they do not have the exact web address.

How does WWW work?

Till now we learned what WWW is and its history, but now we will know how WWW works. Always keep one thing in mind that WWW and Internet are different. Many people consider both to be the same thing but they are different.

You must be aware that web documents are written in a web programming language called HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language). whenever you http://www.guznu.com For example, when you type the name of a domain in a web browser, the browser generates a request to search the http domain in the World Wide Web. Also converts the domain name into server IP address. which is hosted on the World Wide Web Server Website Searches for the address.

When the address matches a page on the server that hosts the domain, that page is sent back to the web browser. Which you can see in your web browser.

That is, whenever a user uses his web browser software such as http://www.guznu.com When a user enters a URL into the address bar of a URL, the browser sends a request to the domain name server for the IP address of this specific URL. HTTP specifies the way the browser and Web server communicate with each other when the browser receives an IP address.

After that the web server accepts the request through HTTP protocol and then searches the requested web page, if that page is present in the web server, then it responds to the web browser and then closes the HTTP connection.

These four technologies are commonly used to run the World Wide Web, using URLs, web browsers, HTTP, and HTML. Without all this the World Wide Web does not exist.

  1. URL > Website address https://guznu.com/
  2. Web Browser > Applications to access the Internet such as Google Chrome
  3. HTTP > To get the information available on the Internet i.e. server with the help of HTTP/HTTPS protocol.
  4. HTML > HTML This is a web page document where news is written in Hindi or English language, but to read this document, an internet browser like Google Chrome is required.
    Internet vs World Wide Web

If you are looking for answers to some common questions about VVV (World Wide Web), here are some common VVV Hindi questions with answers:

What is WWW?

The World Wide Web is a part of the Internet where web pages are hosted and users can access these web pages. This group operates together through interconnected server and client computers.

What is the difference between Website and WWW?

A website can be a single magazine or portal that comprises one or more web pages. It is a medium of online access. WWW refers to a set of websites that can be accessed through the Internet.

What is a web page?

A web page (or website page) is written only in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and displayed by a web browser. It can be a collection of text, images, videos, graphics, and other content.

What equipment is required to use WWW?

To use the WWW you need a web browser. Some of the major web browsers include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

What is WWW protocol?

The World Wide Web works through the protocol HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). It informs how the request will be made and the timing of the response.

What are the uses and benefits of WWW?

The use of WWW is a means of sharing and accessing information on the Internet. It allows people to browse, send emails, shop online, use social media, and enjoy the user experience on the Internet.

What are the major inheritances of WWW?

The WWW inherits HTTP, HTML, URL, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and database technologies. These technologies, combined with languages ​​and symbols, help create, display, and operate web pages.

Conclusion and last words

You must have seen WWW in all the websites you have opened, but before this post you would hardly have known about it. If you this free blogging course This is one of the most basic information that everyone should always remember when they are learning. Or those who always wondered what this WWW is? Now they too must have known.

I told about WWW and its history in this post, I hope you liked this post, share this post with your friends and also if you find any mistake in this post then inform me immediately. can do.

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