What is Web Story Copyright Content Policy?

Guideline related to copyright content of ‘Web Story’ on Google – (What is Web Stories Copyright Content Policy? WebStories Guideline) What things should be kept in mind while creating a web story, meaning after reading this article you will get information related to the story. You will get important information.

Google does not claim to show your Web Story. This means that Google neither takes any responsibility nor takes any responsibility regarding whether your web story will be visible or not.

What is Web Story Copyright Content Policy?

This is a web story guideline given by Google. This includes copyrighted content, text limits, low quality images or videos, incomplete stories, other blog links, affiliates or advertisements.

So let us know. Web Story Guidelines in detail

To appear as a result on Google Discover and Search, your Web Story must meet Google Discover policies and Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

For this, it is important that the ‘Web Story’ be created according to these content policies. If you violate the Web Story content policies, your site may never appear on Google. Is Your WordPress Website Slow? Discover the Best Hosting [Black friday Sale]

Google does not show web stories that violate copyright. Web Story is used to show original content.

Do not use someone else’s copyrighted image or video unless you have permission to use that content.

If your web story infringes someone else’s copyright, we may prevent it from appearing.

Text-heavy web story

Google doesn’t allow Web Stories that contain more text than images. If most pages contain more than 180 words of text, your Web Story may not be eligible.

As far as possible, videos of less than 60 seconds should be used on each page.

Low quality images or videos

Some Web Stories contain image and video assets that are over-stretched or pixelated to the point of not providing a good viewing experience. Google does not show such web stories.

lack of complete information

Google does not allow web stories that do not have an engaging theme or a link from one page to another.

That is, the composition should be exactly the same as the book we read. The subject information of the first page of the web story is to be kept on the next page. It is not that the subject of every page is different.

incomplete web story

Google doesn’t allow Web Stories that are incomplete or require users to visit other websites or apps to read relevant information.

Web stories with lots of ads

Google doesn’t allow Web Stories whose sole purpose is to promote a product, especially if you directly benefit from users viewing the Web Story.

Display ads can be added to Web Stories by following the Story Ads guidelines.

Affiliate marketing links are allowed as long as the web story follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

What things should be kept in mind while creating web stories?

Some important things should be kept in mind while creating web stories:

  • Copyright Content: Avoid using other’s copyrighted material.
  • Too much text: Don’t put too much text in a web story, as Google doesn’t allow it.
  • Low quality images and videos: Use good quality images and videos.
  • complete information: Do not create incomplete or missing Web Stories. All pages must contain complete information.
  • Advertisement: Use advertising in balanced quantity.

What are Web Stories?

Web Stories are a new format of posts that are dynamic, interactive and have low loading time. It is a new way to replace obsolete content on the Internet and has the potential to create a holistic experience for users.

How do Web Stories appear on Google?

Google supports Web Stories and displays Web Stories in “Google Discover” and search results. But, there is no guarantee of showing your story, because Google has no responsibility on this.

Can I use someone else’s copyrighted material?

No, Google does not allow using someone else’s copyrighted material on Web Stories. You should use original content for web stories.

Can a Web Story contain too much text?

Google does not allow stories with too much text to appear on Web Stories. The page must use no more than 180 words of text. Videos should be less than 60 seconds per page.

Can low quality images and videos be used?

Google Web Stories displays high quality images and videos, so low quality content should not be used. Your story should contain images and video that meet the visual evidence.

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