Ok google please explain what is web hosting examples: Which Hosting Provider is the Best for Your Website?

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In today’s blog writing, we are going to tell about hosting. We will know What is web hosting and its types, how it works, how many types are there etc. If you also want to know about web hosting then you can read this post till the end because in this I have given you complete information about web hosting. From beginning to end.

There was a time when only a few people had a website. But today’s era is digital era and today 1 out of 100 people have their own website. For information, let me tell you that the website itself is called site and blog. Today it has become very easy to create a website. But for this we also need a lot of knowledge. To create a blog, it is very important to know about web hosting, domain name, SEO, search console, Adsense etc. Hosting is such a thing without which you can never make your blog professional.

If you really want to build a blog website and make a lot of money from it, then you will need hosting. So, friends, now without delay, let us know what is this web hosting? How many types of web hosting are there, how web hosting works, where to buy web hosting, benefits of hosting etc.

Ok Google Please Explain, What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that gives space to your website on the Internet. With its help, anyone can access your website from anywhere. We also call web hosting as “web server”. Friends, if you still have not understood what is web hosting, then it does not matter, we try to explain it to you in simple words. In real life, you buy a piece of land, called land, to build a house for yourself.

Similarly, to host our website in the world of internet, we have to take a place which is known as web hosting. You publish information about a topic on your website. When visitors come to your website, you know that someone is active on my website at the moment. This time can be at 12 o’clock in the night, it can also be at 12 o’clock in the day. In such a situation, it is almost impossible to keep your site active for 24 hours. But it is possible with the help of web hosting, web hosting keeps your site connected to the internet 24×7. This allows anyone to visit your site at any time.

How does web hosting work?

Your website is just a collection of different files. These files include articles, videos, images, HTML etc. Web hosting works to store them. Anyone can see these files of yours through the internet. Whenever a user comes to your website through internet, your web server will connect to him and the information required by that user will be available to him. This is how a web hosting works. When you connect your site to hosting, for this you need DNS (Domain Name Syatem) and you get this DNS from whatever company you have bought hosting from. DNS lets you know on which web server your website is hosted, because all hosting have different DNS.

What are the types of web hosting?

Friends, you have come to know what is web hosting and how web hosting works. But now we will tell you how many types of web hosting are there. There are mainly 4 types of web hosting such as-

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated hosting

1️⃣Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular and most widely used hosting. Almost all people buy this hosting in their initial days. In this, you can run more than one site simultaneously. The biggest advantage of this hosting is that it comes very cheap and lets you host multiple websites on a single server, saving you money. If you are also making a site, then I would recommend this shared hosting to you. But friends, there is also a disadvantage of this hosting, when the number of users on the site built on shared hosting is more, then the load speed also increases. Due to which our site becomes very slow and this spoils the user experience. This hosting cannot handle much traffic at all. So if you are new then buy this hosting, later when the number of people on your site starts increasing then you can change hosting.

2️⃣VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

VPS web hosting is like a hotel room. Where only and only you have the right on all the things present in that room. There is no partnership of anyone else in this. Visualization technology is used in VPS hosting. In which a very strong and secure server is divided into almost different parts. Different resources are used for each virtual server. That is, your website should use as many resources as it needs to win. Here you do not have to share with any other website. And your website gets the best security and performance. If you are thinking of buying this hosting, then let us tell you that this hosting is a bit expensive. It is used by sites that get more visitors.

3️⃣Cloud Hosting

The problem with dedicated servers and VPS is that you have very few resources, as well as storage and capacity limits. But friends, most of the websites often do not reach this limit, but sometimes some content of the site becomes viral and due to this suddenly the traffic of that site increases very much which becomes difficult to handle. You can easily find the solution to these problems in cloud hosting. Here not one server but many servers together host your website. Cloud hosting has become more popular in the past few years and the trend continues to grow as the number of bloggers grow. There is less chance of server down here. Because everything on your site is in the cloud. For information let me tell you that this hosting is very expensive as compared to other hosting. It is used by large sites.

4️⃣Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated server, the user is provided full access to the server with dedicated resources, it also has the capacity to handle a lot of traffic. Dedicated hosting has complete control over its users. Although the user is not the owner of its server, its users have full administrative rights on the server. It simply means that if you take this hosting, then you are responsible for the security and privacy of your server. Its hosting plan is also a bit expensive. This web hosting is also considered to be the most secure web hosting. Also, its plan is quite different from other listings, no one else has a hand in it, you handle it yourself.

Some other types of web hosting-

Friends, I have told you 4 types of web hosting above. But apart from these, there are many other types of hosting which are used, this hosting is as follows-

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Linux and Windows Hosting
  • Domain Racer Hosting

1️⃣WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a type of CMS (Content Management System Software) and it not only gives an opportunity to create a website but also provides hosting. This includes shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting. This hosting also works like other hosting. In this, full care is taken of the security of your site. Here you will also find some plans that you can buy with one click installation. This type of hosting is usually only for WordPress users. However, you can install WordPress in all the hosting mentioned above.

2️⃣Reseller Hosting

The process of selling hosting is called reseller hosting, it’s not for everyone. If you have a good knowledge of coding and make your own website then you will not need to buy any hosting. It is also known as white label web hosting. You can buy it easily from hosting provider companies. Friends, you will get limited access in this, as well as the users using it are completely dependent on the hosting provider. Usually this hosting is used by digital marketers, web developers etc. as they make companies sites on their hosting.

3️⃣Linux and Windows Hosting

You are given 2 options while buying hosting. One for Linux and the other for Windows. But have you ever wondered what is the difference between these two? Friends, you can use any of these two hosting. But Windows hosting costs you a bit. Linux is an open source operating system, due to which you will get it very cheaply. But the company will have to pay for the license of Windows. Hence it is also a bit expensive. Although both these servers are very good, but Linux is considered more secure than Windows. You will find most of the blogs and websites on Linux server only. Because it is cheap and it also has more features than Windows.

4️⃣Domain Racer Hosting

DomainRacer is one of the best reselling hosting providers in the world. Here you will get hosting at very low cost. It helps people to start reselling business. Here you can get dedicated server hosting, LMS hosting and application hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, e-commerce, web developer, VPS hosting, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Node.js, Magento hosting at affordable prices.

Where to buy web hosting?

Friends, by now you must have come to know about what is Web Hosting, how Web Hosting works, etc., but now it is the turn from where to buy it. If you have also made up your mind to do blogging, then you can buy hosting by visiting the sites given below.

Features of web hosting

Not every web hosting is created equal. The performance of your site on the host you choose depends on the servers of that hosting. Friends, while buying hosting, do pay attention to the features given below.

  1. ➡️Bandwidth:
  2. ➡️Storage:
  3. ➡️Uptime:
  4. ➡️Email:
  5. ➡️Backup:
  6. ➡️Customer Support:


➡️Bandwith: This refers to the transfer of data between your site and the visitor. The more bandwidth your hosting has, the more users can access your site at the same time without interruption.


➡️Storage: It is very important for every hosting account to have enough disk space to store your graphics, web pages, other media files etc. Keeping in mind your needs, you should choose a good hosting plan for yourself.


➡️Uptime: This is one of the most important features of a reliable web hosting provider. Many companies provide you direct uptime only. This will make your site accessible to visitors 99.9% of the time.


➡️Email: Along with web hosting, you can also get the facility of email hosting, in which you can easily create a custom email address for yourself or your organization. In email hosting, you get many other facilities like receiving email, sending mail, spam filter, address book, calendar etc.


➡️Backup: Sometimes it happens that due to some mistake on your part some important data related to your website gets deleted, in which case your website may suffer a lot. That’s why friends must keep in mind that whatever hosting plan you are taking, you get the facility of backup.

6️⃣Costomer Support

➡️Costomer Support: It is very important in today’s era. Whichever company you will take hosting from, you should know all the things about it. Also, that company should also take full care of Costomer Support, so that whenever you have any problem, you can contact them and ask.

What is the difference between web hosting and domain name?

Basically friends, domain name is the hot URL address of any site. Like youtube.com, google.com etc. You are in this site of ours and reading this post, also the domain name of our site is Guznu.com And as far as web hosting is concerned, I have told a lot about it. Web hosting is a place that gives you space in the internet. When you are buying hosting, sometimes you get the domain name for free. Domain name and web hosting both are necessary to create a website blog. Domain name is the name of your site, while hosting is the place you put your site on the internet. Is Your WordPress Website Slow? Discover the Best Hosting [Black friday Sale]

Which Website Hosting Do I Use?

Friends, I told you what is web hosting, but did not tell which hosting we use for our website. Friends, we use Youstable‘s (Youstable.com) shared hosting plan for our site. We’ve been using it for quite some time, and I haven’t had any problems so far. When I started blog, it was one year in single web hosting, now I have upgraded to premium web hosting, today my blog has 30k+ traffic, still I have no problem with this hosting. So, if you want to buy hosting then you can buy hosting from Youstable, if you want to know how to buy hosting, you can read some post.

Conclusion (What is web hosting)

So, friends, in this post I have told you all the important things about web hosting, how web hosting works, where to buy web hosting, etc. I hope you have liked this article (What is web hosting and its types) very much. Friends, I have told you a lot about web hosting. Now you can buy a good hosting if you want. I would recommend Yostable to you. Because it is the cheapest and its costomer support is also very good. Don’t forget to share this article with all your friends. Also, if you have any question in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting.

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