What is SSL: Secure Socket Layer

What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)) When you all open any website in the browser, you see near the website URL. httpS Or the lock icon? You must have seen it. If you also want to know about SSL What is SSL? So read this article till the end because we have explained it in detail here.

Friends, you must have noticed many times that some URLs start with “http://” while some other URLs start with “https://”? You might have noticed that when you browse bank, e-commerce websites where you need to provide sensitive information, those sites have “https://” in their URL. After all, what is this “https://” i.e. SSL? And how many types are there? How does an SSL certificate work? In today’s article we will know the answers to all these questions in detail.

The use of SSL, we can see at the beginning of the website URL, that is, the website whose URL starts with https:// is secured with SSL. Whereas a normal website URL starting with http:// is not secure. Read the complete article to know in more detail.

With SSL: https:// yoursite.com
Without SSL: http:// yoursite.com

SSL is also called TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol. It can be used not only in websites but also in e-mails and other places.

If any person e-commerce If you are running a site then it is very important to use SSL because e-commerce To make payment on the site, all the information is taken from the customer.

SSL History -(Secure Socket Layer)

Friends, SSL version 1.0 HTTPS protocol was invented by Netscape Corporation for its Navigator browser in the 1990s. But due to some security flaws it was never released. In February 1995, the first public release of SSL was SSL 2.0. While SSL 2.0 also included some security flaws of its own. Due to which it was redesigned and released as SSL 3.0 a year later.

SSL 3.0 was widely used, but after the Poodle attack even SSL 3.0 is not considered secure. TLS (Transport Layer Security) is currently an updated and more secure version of SSL. The last version of TLS is TLS 1.3. Which was published in August 2018.

What is SSL?

Friends, first of all let me tell you that the full form of SSL is – Secure Socket Layer. It is an encryption protocol used in the Internet that helps an Internet user to access sensitive information in a website securely to the web server so that none of your data is leaked.

SSL is a digital certificate if it Secure Socket Layer If it is not available in any website then Website Admin Secure Socket Layer can be purchased and installed in the website DNS. It creates a secure connection between your web browser and your web server. The price of Secure Socket Layer depends on the type of Secure Socket Layer.

SSL Certificate Website DNS domain name server Is installed with. So that at the beginning of the website’s URL HTTP From HTTPS It happens. “https://” means Hypertext Transfer Protocol is secure, that is, your connection to that website is secure and any data you enter is securely encrypted. The technology that makes Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure powerful is called SSL. Let’s dig a little deeper

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. SSL certificates verify the identity of your website and encrypt information sent by or sent to visitors to your site. This keeps the exchange between you and your buyers away from thieves.

When you have an SSL certificate securing your website, your customers can be confident that the information they enter on any secure page will remain confidential and cannot be viewed by cyber criminals.

Types of SSL

There are many types of SSL and they are different for different websites. Some are cheap and some are expensive. Let us know about them.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

With the help of this SSL certificate, you can provide security to your domain and all sub-domains. It is available with Domain Verification (DV) and Organization Verification (OV).

Multi Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate Multi Domain Wildcard SSL

If you want to secure multiple domains and all their sub-domains at once, you can use this. Multi-Domain SSL Certificate SAN Also called certificate.

This type of certificate helps secure multiple domain names. Up to 100 domains can be secured by a single multi-domain SSL certificate. You can achieve this with Domain Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation.

EV SSL Certificate

This SSL is designed for your business, turning the web browser’s address bar green as well as showing your business name. It is a highly recognized and encrypted SSL certificate.

Extended Validation certificates are very important for websites where transactions take place. It displays a padlock with the business name in the URL. Most of the banking, finance and e-commerce websites use EV SSL certificates.

Domain Valid SSL

Most bloggers and small websites use it. It provides medium level of security. This is the cheapest SSL certificate and perfect for a blog. You can achieve this in a few minutes or hours.

It is best for those who do not need extra protection. Friends, if you also have a blog then you can use this SSL certificate which you can buy from your hosting or any other SSL provider.

Organization Verification SSL

It provides better security than Domain Validation Certificate. This type of certificate takes 2-3 days to activate. This SSL certificate provides you with high quality security.

You can use this SSL certificate in your blog or website as compared to domain validation certificate. It is used to verify online trading and provide security. This lets the customer know that they are visiting a secure and verified website.

Code Signing Certificate Code Signing Certificate

With its help you can keep your software code safe. Along with this, it also provides security to your files and applications.

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) is specifically designed to secure Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office communications servers. It works like a multi-domain SSL certificate and up to 100 domains can be secured by a single certificate.

How do SSL certificates work?

SSL certificate creates a secure digital instrument that prevents hackers and thieves from viewing usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other valuable data.

Does SSL ensure that the website is safe from hackers?

No, SSL is only responsible for protecting the website data by encrypting the data, cannot protect the websites from hacking attacks. If your website has a security flaw.

Why do you need SSL?

The reason for using SSL is so that your data cannot be stolen or viewed by sniffers. For example if you have a website with a login page and your website does not use SSL, chances are that when you fill out the login form and click on the submit button. The data sent will be viewed by the sniffer, allowing your username and password to be known by the sniffer.

Additionally, if the username and password are used by you for financial transactions. So this can be very fatal, which is why almost all internet banking uses SSL to ensure the security of transaction data. If you are concerned about this I suggest using SSL on the website here.

Will SSL certificate affect SEO?

There are still many websites that appear in Google search results despite not using SSL. But we are sure that one day Google will definitely announce it. Since the website created from Blogger.com already uses SSL.

SEO Ranking – Find search engines that prefer HTTPS-encrypted websites and rank them higher in search results. This helps your customers a lot in finding you.

What are the benefits of having an SSL certificate on a website?

SSL certificates build trust and show visitors that you value their privacy. An SSL certificate protects your customers’ sensitive information, such as their name, address, password, or credit card number, by encrypting data as it is sent from their computer to a web server. SSL is the standard for web security and most merchant account services require a server certificate – you’ll need this if you plan to accept credit cards on your website. What is WWW: World Wide Web History

What does SSL Certificate tell?

Strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption. Secure Site to increase customer trust. Removing the not safe warning. Secure padlock in browser. Shows a trust indicator in the address bar. Increases Google ranking. Protects all subdomains. Security Trust.

  • Strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.
  • Secure site to increase customer confidence.
  • Removing the not safe warning.
  • Secure padlock in browser.
  • Shows trust indicator in the address bar.
  • Google increases ranking.
  • Protects all subdomains.
  • Security Trust.

Where to buy SSL?

SSL service is provided by many big companies to name a few – GoDaddy, BigRock, HostGator, etc. When we buy hosting server for our website, that hosting company also provides SSL service where we can buy hosting and also buy SSL certificate. Which will keep our website safe. But there are many companies that provide SSL services for free.

conclusion: It is really difficult to trust a website without SSL certificates, especially where you are going to enter confidential information. So if you have a large website where there is frequent exchange of user information.

So I strongly recommend using SSL if you are a website administrator and are confident that your users will enjoy your site.

But if you are a user and fill your details in an insecure website without SSL certificate then it can be dangerous for you. Our opinion would be that you should not give your information on that website like mobile number, name, address and card number.

Friends, in this article we will know what is SSL (What is SSL), how does it work and where to buy? If you want some more information related to SSL then you can comment below.

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