What is Cyber ​​Crime: What is meant by cyber attack?

What is Cyber ​​Crime? #InternetCrimes In fact, the Internet facilitates as a new communication medium. But the Internet also invites negative excesses in various crimes of globalization. Please read this information related to #Internet #Crimes so that you remain aware about it.

Internet Crimes Ke Example

For example, acts of spreading obscene products, pedophilia, gambling, garbage (spam), various viruses, sabotage and various frauds, such as carding, phishing, spamming, etc., are bad. (For example, pornographic products, pedophilia, gambling, garbage (spam), various viruses, sabotage and various frauds, such as carding, phishing, spamming, etc., act like spreading, which is bad.) Cyber ​​Crime Wikipedia

What is cyber crime?

Cyber ​​crime is a criminal activity in which cheating is done through computers, network devices or networks. Through this, cyber criminals steal everything from privacy to money. Many crimes like data hacking, phishing mails, OTP fraud and mobile fraud, sextortion are committed by cyber criminals.

Carding Crimes on the Internet

Carding is making purchases using other people’s credit card numbers and identities, obtained illegally, usually by stealing data over the Internet.

Indonesia has the second highest number of cardholders in the world after Ukraine, according to research by Clear Commerce Inc., an information technology company based in Texas – US.

As a result, many online shopping sites block Indonesian IPs or Internet protocols. If we purchase online, the name of Indonesia country is not included in the online shop purchase form. This means that Indonesian consumers are not allowed to shop on that site.

Hacking Crimes on the Internet

Hacking is an activity of breaking into computer programs belonging to other people/parties. Hackers are people who like to hack computers, have expertise in creating and reading certain programs, and observe its security. Hackers have many faces, some are intelligent and some are thieves.

Hacker Budiman tells programmers how he steals data. The programs that engineers create have shortcomings. Due to which the system is hacked and data is stolen.

Cracking Crimes on the Internet

Cracking is a hacking for bad purposes. Unlike carders who only use credit cards, crackers look at customers’ money in different banks or other sensitive data centers for their own benefit.

Although both relate to other people’s computer security. Hackers focus on the process. While crackers focus on enjoying the result.

Phishing Crimes on the Internet

Phishing is a cyber crime. In which an individual is contacted by email, telephone, or text message by a person purporting to be a legitimate entity to obtain personally identifiable information, Internet banking, credit card numbers, and password details. Phishing is usually intended for online banking users. The sent data and password will become the property of the criminal and he can make purchases with the money from the victim’s credit card or account.

Spamming Crimes on the Internet

Spamming is the sending of unwanted news or advertising through e-mail. Spam is often known as junk e-mail. Many people become its victims. By sending attractive mails like prizes, lotteries etc. A chancellor of a private university in Indonesia was reportedly defrauded of up to ₹1 billion in spamming in this manner.

Malware Crimes on the Internet

Malware is a computer program that looks for vulnerabilities in software. Malware is usually created to break or damage a software or operating system. There are different types of malware, such as: viruses, worms, Trojan horses, adware, browser hijackers, etc. In the market, computer tools and software stores antispam and anti-virus and anti-malware are available.

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How many types of cyber crimes are there?

Various types of cyber crimes come under cyber crime, which include hacking, online fraud, phishing, spam email, ransomware, pornography, online blackmail and other crimes.

What is meant by cyber attack?

Cyber ​​attack means digital theft or online fraud. Cyber ​​attacks are carried out through computer systems, networks and technology. This is such an online fraud, whose victim can be any person, company and even the government.

Which section is included in cyber crime?

Law: Section 43 (C) of the IT (Amendment) Act 2008, Section 66 of the IPC, Section 268, Section 66 (F) related to cyber terrorism also applies to viruses that threaten the security of the country (non-bailable) Is. Punishment: Life imprisonment in cases related to cyber warfare and cyber terrorism. In other cases, imprisonment up to three years and/or fine.

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