What is Chatbot? Chatbots: Your Personal Assistant in the Digital Age!

The Secret Weapon Every Website Needs for Customer Satisfaction! – In this article, I will discuss some of the newer technologies. We are going to talk about Chatbot. What are its benefits? How beneficial can it be in the days to come?

What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program used to communicate with a live user on a website.

A chatbot is a computer program used to communicate with a live user on a website. Chatbot is made up of two words, chat (conversation) and bot (robot). It means a robot talking to people.

Nowadays the whole world is going digital. Chatbot is also a part of the digital age. Chat bot is smart software that easily traces conversations between persons and text methods.

There are many websites which are using virtual chat assistants for their customers, so that they can get quick answers to the queries asked. Many companies have claimed that they have great Chatbots and no customer will return unsatisfied with their responses.

Chatbots are the best example of artificial intelligence with great sensitivity and specificity. This technology is very beneficial for large companies as it is an affordable way to use virtual assistants and satisfy their customers.

Where and how are chatbots used

Friends, in today’s time chatbots are playing an important role. Many big companies are spending money on chatbots for their own benefit.

For example- the bank had placed a chatbot on its website, which used to talk to the visitor on their website. This chatbot gave the visitor all the information that the visitor wanted.

Many people now do voice search instead of searching by writing. All this is due to artificial intelligence. There are many instances where chatbots are used. What is blog, History of the Blog,

Google artificial intelligence chatbot

Google artificial intelligence chatbots are a powerful virtual assistant. It will provide a rich interactive experience for all the customers and people. Google Chatbots can easily detect and obtain dimension information to continue or complete conversations between the bots and Humans.

Google has created a new ‘Google Meena’ which claims it to be the most advanced chatbot ever. According to Google, Meena can carry out conversations at any level that takes longer than any existing chatbot to talk to.

The ‘Google Mina’ chatbot has been tested by several Google professionals and is one of the smartest chatbots in the technology industry. It is connected to a large network which provides quick answers to many important questions and conversations.

We could not even imagine that in the future such a technology would come which would be capable of thinking in itself, today science is progressing very fast and machine learning and artificial intelligence are developing rapidly in robots with the ability to think.

Using chatbots can be effective for many companies as they can answer common questions asked by a customer. For example, what are the documents required to open an account? Or from where to get the form or how much money will it take to open a savings account?

We can put the answers to these types of common questions in the database in advance so that we don’t need to hire a separate person to do the job. Due to which the expenses of the bank or companies will come down and work can be done quickly.

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