What is Blog: Anyone can write, are blog and website both the same?

What is Blog? If you are not interested in internet blogging (What is Blog) So you might not know about the word Blog. But many people must have heard the word Blog, so after reading this article today you will understand that What is Blog?

Sometimes this thought comes to everyone’s mind, What is blog? If you are also curious to know this, then friends, today from this article you will completely understand what a blog is? and also this What is the difference between website and blog?

Some people think that both blog and website are the same, but friends, it is not so at all. If you understand in simple language, new information updates are published on the blog every day like technology, news of the country and the world etc. But this does not happen on the website. You must have noticed that a blog category link menu will be found written on the website whereas this does not happen on the blog. In the upcoming article What is a Website? Will learn about in detail.

Let us friends know in detail what is a blog? (What is Blog)

What is Blog?

The information page present on the Internet is called a blog, where the blog administrator writes new information every day. You must have ever heard that this man writes blogs and earns money by writing blogs. India’s top bloggers write new information on their blogs every day, through which people get information and the blog administrator gets money. Ok google please explain what is web hosting examples: Which Hosting Provider is the Best for Your Website?

How is a blog written?

Friends, to write a blog, the first thing you should have is a computer. After this there should be internet facility. After this, there should be a blogging CMS platform like – wordpress.com or blogger.com, on this you will have to create a blogger account like Facebook, after this, write pages and posts. It is similar to Microsoft Word.

Anyone can write blog posts

No, friends, writing a blog is like writing a book. They should know the art of writing so that they can make people understand their point through writing. But if you are new, then first read other people’s blogs, understand their way of writing, see them and try to write exactly the same.

People say that the pen has a lot of power, yes absolutely friends, people follow the things written by the person who wrote the Constitution of the country. We all have friendship with pen, copy and book since childhood.

First we read the book and then write with a pen on the copy. Like – we grow up, have good knowledge, we can write books ourselves and the books written by us are read by other people and the book writers get money from the sale of the book.

If you are also an expert in writing and have more curiosity about any subject, then you can do research on that subject and write a blog on the internet, which will be read by people from all over the world.

You can write about technology, fashion, travel, festivals, someone’s biography, poetry, cooking. It is not necessary to write blogs on these topics only, you can write blogs on yourself also.

India’s super star hero Amitabh Bachchan also writes a blog. We have already talked about this. The name of his blog is srbachchan.tumblr.com. For a long time till now, he has been continuously writing blogs in English on Tumblr.

Blog can also be written on wordpress.com, blogger.com, tumblr.com, Medium, Joomla, Yola, Ghost, Facebook, quora etc., but only wordpress.com, blogger.com is used to earn money. Once upon a time in a quaint little village: The Village Blogger.

About India’s top blogs.

friends now they blogger Know about people who are counted among the top blogs of India and whose income is very good. And we will also know how they started and which blogging CMS platform they are using.

shoutmeloud Blog

Most of the people of India know about Harsh Aggarwal, the owner of shoutmeloud.com blog, who started this blog website in 2008 and is still continuously working on it. He writes blogs in English.

  • Founder/Owner: Harsh Agrawal
  • Started In Year: 2008
  • Topics Covered: Blogging, WordPress Tips, SEO
  • Income Source: Affiliate, Adsense, Direct Ads, Blogging & SEO Consulting
  • Blog Language: English
  • DR: 79/100

labnol Blog

Amit Agarwal, owner of the blog labnol.org, left his corporate job in 2004 to become the first professional blogger. Amit has been awarded the title of Google Developer Expert and Google Cloud Champion Innovator for his technical expertise. Microsoft gave him the Most Valuable Professional award for five consecutive years. He writes blogs in English.

  • Founder/Owner: Amit Agrawal
  • Started In Year: 2004
  • Topics Covered: Tech Guides, How-to Guide
  • Income Source: Adsense, Blog Ads
  • Blog Language: English
  • DR (Domain Rating): 80/100

drew Blog

trak.in was launched on May 1, 2007 by blog owner Arun Prabhudesai. India’s leading business and technology news blog, since then, more than 20,000 blog posts have been published on this portal. He writes blogs in English.

  • Founder/Owner: Arun Prabhudesai
  • Started In Year: 2007
  • Topics Covered: Business news, Affiliate
  • Income Source: Adsense
  • Blog Language: English
  • DR: 71/100

hindime blog

Almost everyone knows about hindime.net blog. Information related to technology is mainly available on this blog. And have been blogging continuously since 2016. He writes blogs in Hindi.

  • Founder/Owner: Chandan
  • Started In Year: 2016
  • Topics Covered: Latest Tech Information, Blogging, SEO, Money Making, Inspiration, Education
  • Income Source: Adsense, Affiliate
  • Blog Language: Hindi

techyukti Blog

The founder of techyukti.com blog is Satish Kushwaha, his motive behind opening this blog was to give technical knowledge to people in very easy language. Along with this, he also has a YouTube channel. He writes blogs in Hindi.

  • Founder/Owner: Satish Kushwaha
  • Started In Year: 2016
  • Topics Covered: Blogging, Money Making, Inspiration
  • Income Source: Adsense, Affiliate
  • Blog Language: Hindi

As far as I think, now you are definitely getting confused in choosing a blogging platform to write your blog because all the famous blogs mentioned above are WordPress blogs. Here I am going to tell you about those 10 best blogging sites.

Why write a blog on WordPress only?

Friends, as I have already told you, you can write a blog for free from blogger.com. And creating a blog with WordPress will cost a lot of money. And all the famous blogs mentioned above are written by the blog administrator as well as his team staff. Writing blog posts every day is their source of income, hence they spend money on it. There’s more to come wordpress blogging course I will learn.

If you do not want to spend money, then first of all you can learn to create a blog on blogger.com and when your blog becomes popular, you can start blogging with WordPress. It is very easy to shift from blogger.com to WordPress. You can change the blogging platform without losing traffic. Whereas you cannot access blogger.com from WordPress.

conclusion: After reading this entire article (What is Blog in Hindi), the conclusion is that now if someone tells you that like – Saroj has a blog or Harsh Aggarwal ji writes a blog, then you must have now understood that blog. what happens. And what does Harsh Aggarwal ji do? Because when the word blog is spoken to a new person, he does not know anything about it.

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