What are the main parts of a diesel generator and their functions?

Diesel generator: DG is used in those places where we do not get electricity or it is available for a short period of time. It is also used for power needs in emergencies. For example, if the mobile tower is getting supply from the power grid and it is disconnected for some reason, the diesel generator automatically starts running so that there is no power issue at the tower and we get continuous network. .

What is Diesel Generator?

A diesel generator is a device composed of a combination of a diesel engine and a generator. There is a diesel engine inside it, which burns diesel and the burning provides rotational power to the dynamo (alternator). Now with the rotational power of this dynamo we can run any electrical appliance.

Diesel generators are used at many places like – companies, constructions, hospitals, offices and homes.

Types of diesel generator

Diesel generators are divided into three parts based on use.

  1. Portable Generator– This portable generator is mainly used to run small appliances. This generator uses gas and diesel fuel to give us electricity, this portable generator is used only when temporary power is required.
  2. Inverter generator– This generator uses the help of an alternator, which is connected to a diesel engine, to produce electricity. But the difference in this inverter generator is that it provides power from three phases. Inverter generator is first used in AC supply form, then it is converted into DC current and finally this DC current is converted into AC current.
  3. Standby Generators– You all must have seen generators installed in some office of your company or around your house, most of the time they are standby generators. These generators are used for emergency power supply. These become available in the market in very high KVA power.

Diesel Generator Parts and their Functioning

Engine– Its function is that it provides mechanical power to the alternator to rotate the alternator. And electricity is generated by rotating the alternator.

Diesel tank– Diesel tank is used to store diesel. A diesel tank is mostly 500 to 1000 litres.

Primary lubricant oil pump– This equipment is used to deliver lubricant oil everywhere. So that all parts of the machine can work smoothly.

Lubricant oil filter- Lubricant oil Is used to reduce friction. If any debris accumulates in the lubricant oil, the lubricant oil filter works to remove it.

Oil filter- Sometimes it happens that there is a little waste in diesel. It is used to remove that waste. This prevents that waste from entering the diesel engine.

Fuel Water Separators– Many times diesel generators are kept in open places. When the rainy season comes, there is a fear of water getting into the fuel. Therefore, to avoid this problem, fuel water separator is used. Its function is to separate water from fuel.

Air Filters– DG requires air to run. Air filters are used to prevent dust from coming with this air.

Turbo Charger– The job of the turbo charger is to make the air enter the engine after it is filtered. Along with this, the job of turbo charger is to remove the carbon dioxide produced in the engine from the engine.

Actuator– With the help of an actuator, we get to know how much diesel to put into the diesel generator engine as per the load.

Coolant tank– This tank is used to store distilled water/coolant. When the engine is running, the lubricant oil gets hot. It is very important to cool this oil. Distilled water is used to cool it.

Radiator and Fan- When the engine runs for a long time, the distilled water also gets heated along with the engine. Fans and radiators are used to keep it cool.

Silencer– When a diesel generator runs, it makes a lot of noise. Silencer is used to reduce that sound.

Alternator– Alternator is used to produce electricity. Coupling is used to connect the engine and alternator. When the engine rotates, the alternator also rotates due to the coupling.

Cranking Motor / Starter Motor / Battery– The battery fits inside the diesel generator. When a diesel generator starts, a cranking motor is used to accelerate it. After the diesel generator starts, the cranking motor stops automatically.

Control panel– With its help we can set the diesel generator to turn on or off or to run automatically. There is also a display above it, in which we can see DG reading, output voltage, frequency, amperes etc.

Automatic voltage regulator– It is used to correct the voltage of DG whenever the voltage of DG is more or less.

Circuit Breaker– This circuit breaker protects our equipment from getting damaged if accidentally a short circuit or any kind of electrical fault occurs inside the diesel generator. Converting Normal Inverter to Solar Inverter

What is diesel generator?

A diesel generator is a device used to produce electrical energy. It burns diesel fuel and the energy produced is used to provide electricity to various users.

How does a diesel generator work?

A diesel generator is composed of a combination of a diesel engine and a generator. The engine burns diesel and the burning provides electrical power to the dynamo (generator). This generated current power is used to run electrical equipment.

Where are diesel generators used?

Diesel generators are used in various places, such as companies, construction sites, hospitals, offices and homes. At these places, diesel generators supply temporary power or are used to maintain power supply during times of disaster.

What are the types of diesel generators?

There are three major types of diesel generators: portable generators, inverter generators, and standby generators. Portable generators are useful for small users, inverter generators produce electricity with an alternator and standby generators are used to supply emergency power.

What are the main parts of a diesel generator and their functions?

Diesel generator consists of several important parts which are as follows:

  • Engine: The engine rotates the dynamo by burning diesel and produces alternating current power.
  • Diesel Tank: Diesel tanks are used to store fuel for diesel engines.
  • Generator: This generated current power is used to run electrical equipment.
  • Other Parts of the Plant: Apart from the engine, generator and other known parts, diesel generators also include many more important parts, such as lubricant oil pump, lubricant oil filter, air filter, radiator, and control panel, etc.

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