WebStory.co.in Date- 1 November 2023

Tom Brady Trending After Raiders Fired Josh McDaniels

The firing of Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels - Tom Brady's longtime offensive coordinator - has people talking about the seven-time Super Bowl champion this morning.

McDaniels marks the ninth head coach to be hired and fired after working for the Patriots after the initial success the team had with Tom Brady as their starting quarterback. He's actually the third to be fired twice.

McDaniels finishes his tenure in Las Vegas with a 9-16 record. He lasted three fewer games than he did during his first head coaching tenure with the Denver Broncos with just 25 in Vegas versus 28 in Denver.

With that in mind, fans are all saying the same thing about Tom Brady: He made all of his coaches, not the other way around:

Savage @SavageSports_ With each passing day we learn how much Tom Brady carried the offense.

James Stewart 📷 @IAmJamesStewart We’re really finding out what coaches were a product of having Tom Brady as their quarterback.   Belichick, McDaniels, Bill OBrien. 4:10 PM · Nov 1, 2023

The more disciples of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick that flop, the stronger the case is that Tom Brady really did mask flaw after flaw that all of the coaches that worked around him had.

The Patriots have not been the same since Brady left while the nine head coaches that have worked with Brady have combined for fewer than 10 playoff appearances over more than 40 seasons as coaches.