WebStory.co.in Date- 3 November 2023

Titans QB Disappointed in Steelers Fans

The Pittsburgh Steelers walked away 20-16 winners over the Tennessee Titans in Week 9, and heading into the game, Titans rookie quarterback Will Levis said this game was circled whether he was playing or not.

"Playing or not, I've had this game circled on my schedule because of how great the environment is going to be," Levis told reporters earlier in the week.

"I know their fans are going to come out and it's going to be a nice  environment. So, we are ready to handle it. I'm looking forward to  taking it all in and then just doing my thing."

Throughout the week, the Titans played Renegade at practice and bumped  crowd noise from the sideline to help prepare for Steelers fans.

When the song was played during the fourth quarter, even if it didn't help Levis's chances of winning, he appreciated the tradition.

"That’s a cool tradition that they got here," he said. "'Renegade' by  Styx before key defensive drives in the fourth quarter. “The song’s a  banger.

It’s a good song. It’s a good song. We’ve been playing it all week in  practice, and it’s been stuck in my head, so it was cool to see the real  thing."

What he thought would have been better was the crowd, which he said he was slightly disappointed in.

"It was pretty loud. I’ve been in louder, so it was nothing crazy,"  Levis said. "I think we did a good job of simulating the environment  during practice this week of making it even louder than I feel like it  was out there.

We were good on the operation and the communication, but hey, those fans  showed out and they didn’t make it easy for us, but we got the job done  for the most part operation-wise."

Steelers fans have been a huge part of the team's success this  season, and despite not living up to Levis's expectations, they  certainly played their part in the win.