WebStory.co.in Date- 3 November 2023

Ryan Tannehill Trending After Will Levis' Strong Performance

Ryan Tannehill's days as a Tennessee Titans might be numbered after Thursday night.

Will Levis, who started this season as Tannehill's backup, has  started the last two games and has looked like the quarterback of the  future.

He led the Titans to a 28-23 win last Sunday and finished the game with four touchdowns.

He's now carried that performance over into Thursday night's game  against the Pittsburgh Steelers and completed 70.6% of his passes for  153 yards in the first half.

Levis 12 of 17, 153 yards and led a long go-ahead field goal drive in the final 1:15 of the first half at Pittsburgh. Rookie QB still dealing after a huge debut, now on a short week vs. a good D on the road. Tannehill got Pipped.

"At this point, even if Will Levis craps the bed in the 2nd half,  this is enough to make him starter moving forward, even with Tannehill  healthy," another tweet read.

We'll have to see if Levis can continue this strong play in the second half.

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