WebStory.co.in Date- 3 November 2023

Hunter Renfrow After Josh McDaniels Firing: No More Walking On Eggshells

There may not be a player on the Raiders more excited about Josh McDaniels' departure than Hunter Renfrow.

Prior to McDaniels' arrival in Las Vegas, Renfrow was coming off a  season where he had over 1,000 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

His role in the offense was quickly diminished though in 2022, finishing the year with just 330 yards and two touchdowns.

Speaking to the media Thursday, Renfrow made it clear that he's pumped  up about Antonio Pierce becoming the interim coach of the Raiders.

The main reason he's excited is because he no longer has to "walk on eggshells" in the locker room and on the field.

"I think (Pierce) just let us kind of be ourselves and let our hair down," Renfrow said.  "Just have fun playing football again and not just walk on eggshells  everywhere. Just go out there and enjoy playing like we’re kids."

To be fair though, Renfrow tried to walk back his "walking on eggshells" comment shortly after making it.

“There were things McDaniels did really well,” Renfrow explained. “I’m not going to sit here and say he was a bad coach,

because he was very good and had success as an [offensive coordinator]  and that sort of deal. But I think with AP, being a player and just  having a different energy is just different.”

Renfrow and the Raiders will try to kick off Pierce's tenure with a win this Sunday against the Giants.