WebStory.co.in Date- 28 October 2023

Fans Saddened By Lee Corso's Absence On College GameDay Today

The college football world is missing legendary analyst Lee Corso on ESPN's College GameDay this morning.

Host Rece Davis announced Lee Corso would not be on the show as he tends to a family matter.

"Lee Corso not with us this week," Davis said. "I want to reassure you his health good, Lee feels fine.

He had a family matter that required his attention and we know he's  locked in on the show because he already stole my preferred superdog."

College GameDay @CollegeGameDay Coach Corso won't be on GameDay today as he attends to a family matter, but he's feeling fine and we know he's locked into the show 📷 #CollegeGameDay

Football fans were sad they won't be able to see Corso - and his legendary headgear pick - on Saturday morning.

It's unclear if anyone will be taking over Corso's headgear pick duties, but when he missed a few shows last season no headgear picks were made.

Hopefully Corso is back and better than ever next week!