The process of changing address in Aadhar card is very easy.

Aadhar Card Address Update Status 2024: Aadhar and PAN come under the category of essential documents. If the address in the Aadhar card is not correct, then get it corrected soon.

If you have given your mobile number while making Aadhar card, then you can get your Aadhar card address corrected from any of your CSC centres. Whose complete information is given below in very easy language.

The process of changing address in Aadhar card is very easy.

Aadhar card and PAN card come in the category of most important documents. If your Aadhar card is not updated or you want to change the address entered in it, then you should get it corrected soon. Because Aadhar card is used as an essential document for all government institutions or any other important work. In which all important information will have to be entered. Today we are telling about the process of changing the address of Aadhaar. You can make necessary changes in Aadhaar information even sitting at home.

How to change address in Aadhar card online?

  1. Update aadhar address online To change the address in Aadhar card, first of all you have to visit the official website of UIDAI. will go on.
  2. Log in by selecting the option of My Aadhar Card.
  3. Now you will get the option to update your name, gender, date of birth and address on the website. Now click on the option of Aadhaar online login.
  4. Now you have to click on the option of Proceed to Update Aadhaar Card.
  5. You will see the old address.
  6. Aadhar card address change documents: You can enter the new address by uploading all the required documents. After this you can finally make changes by OTPAuthenticate.
  7. After this this process will be completed.
  8. Aadhar card address update status: When your Aadhar is updated, you will be informed through SMS on your registered mobile.

If you are not able to update Aadhaar card information online, you can also apply for Aadhaar card update by visiting any UIDAI office. For this you will have to fill a form with your information. After filling the form, pay the prescribed fee and submit the form in the office itself.

After updating the Aadhar card, it will come to the given address. Aadhar cards are also updated in many cyber cafes. You can also go there and fill the online form. Stolen mobile location not found, delete all data online like this “Google Find My Device”

What is Aadhaar Card and what is its importance?

Aadhaar Card is an identity card issued by the Government of India which is used across the country. It provides a unique 12-digit identification number that helps the individual to avail the benefits of government schemes and facilities.

How is Aadhaar Card made?

To get Aadhaar Card made, you will have to go to your nearest Aadhaar center. There you have to fill the application form and carry copies of the required documents. After submitting the form, you will be required to capture biometric data (finger print, eye scan) and photograph. After this your application will be processed and within some time you will get the Aadhaar Card.

What is the process to change Aadhar card address?

You can use both online or offline methods to change address in Aadhaar card. To change address online you will visit the official UIDAI website and update the required details and documents. To change address offline, you will visit an Aadhaar center and fill the form and carry copies of the required documents.

What is the website to change address in Aadhaar Card?

You can visit the official website of UIDAI You can update your address online by visiting. On this website you will have to click on My Aadhar Card option and then you will get the option to update your information and address.

What are the documents required to change Aadhaar Card address?

You may require the following documents to change Aadhar card address:

  • An approved Government e-Reference Number as proof of address
  • Certified copy of amended user name
  • Electric Success Bill
  • bank passbook
  • PAN card
  • Voter ID card etc.

How to check update status after changing Aadhar card address?

You can go to online mode to check the status of Aadhar card address change. Can go to. Here you will get information about the status and updates of your Aadhaar Card.

What is the procedure to visit UIDAI office for change of Aadhar card address?

If the online address change option is not suitable for you, you can also change your Aadhaar card address by visiting a nearby UIDAI office. For that you have to go to the office with your application form and a copy of the required documents. There you have to submit the form and pay the fee. After this your Aadhar card address will be changed

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