The Power of TRP: Why Television Rating Points Are Vital for Show Survival.

The Shocking Truth about TRP Calculation and its Impact on Channels. TRP stands for Television Rating Point. It is a measure of the popularity and viewership of a television show. In simple terms, TRP tells us how many people are watching a particular show at a given time.

The calculation of TRP is done by monitoring the viewing habits of a small sample of households chosen to represent the larger population. These households have special devices called People’s Meters installed, which track the channels and shows they watch. The data collected from these households is then used to estimate the TRP of various shows.

The TRP of a show is important because it indicates its popularity and success. Shows with high TRP are considered more favorable as they attract a large number of viewers and advertisers. On the other hand, shows with low TRP may struggle to attract advertisers and may be at risk of being discontinued.

Knowing the TRP of a show helps broadcasters and advertisers make important decisions. It helps them understand which shows are performing well and which ones need improvement. Higher TRP means increased revenue through advertisements, while lower TRP can lead to a decline in revenue.

In summary, TRP is a measure of a show’s viewership and popularity. It plays a crucial role in determining the success of a television program and influences advertising revenue.

What is TRP

TRP is very important for any show. If a show is not getting TRP, then the director of the show has to bear huge loss and the show has to be closed within no time.

TRP – Television Rating Point. TRP shows which channel and which show is being watched the most. In simple words, TRP gives us an idea of ​​popularity of any channel or show. If the TRP of a show is low, it means that people are not liking it much, if the TRP of a show is high, it means that people are liking that show more. TRP is told on barcindia’s website, news channels also give information about TRP.

How are television rating points determined?

How is TRP calculated or how much TRP is being given to which show? We have two agencies in India who track TRP, their names are INTAM and DART. The full form of INTAM is Indian Television Audience Measurement and DART stands for Doordarshan Audience Research Team. DART was used when only Doordarshan existed.

However, DART is still used to find the TRP of a rural location. DART agency inquires any rural person related to their favorite show and channel to find out TRP. In addition, DART electronically detects TRP.

INTAM is an agency that tracks TRP. To find out TRP, install an electronic device called People Meter. This device is connected to the TV set, after which it records everything that you see on your TV and prepares a data that is sent to the agency that monitors them.

What is the importance of TRP

TRP has a huge contribution for any channel. No channel can survive without TRP because TRP is the only thing that keeps the audience connected to the channel, if there is no audience then the channel has to be shut down.

Nowadays all channels are bringing reality shows to increase their TRP, for example Kapil Sharma Show, Kaun Banega Crorepati, Bigg Boss, Indian Idol, Khatron Ke Khiladi, Dance India Dance etc TV channels. Reality shows are also scripted. Although not fully scripted. TRP is important not only for the channel but also for the audience because when a show is shown people like to watch and their TRP increases. So, channels spend more on their shows and try to create better content so that TRP can increase even more.

How to earn from TRP

The show is run by actors, actresses, directors, producers, editors and other people. And the expenses incurred on the shoot are managed by these people, such as the cost of transportation and food to reach from one place to another. And if there is no income from the show/channel, then it is known to suffer a lot of loss.

And to make up for this expenditure, channels resort to advertising. Advertisement is also available on the condition that the TRP of the channel should be good. If the TRP is low then it will get advertisements but for showing those advertisements the channel gets very little money. So, more TRP means more advertisement and more income.

Does TRP matter?

TRP directly affects the income of any channel/show. All channels know that their revenue comes from advertising. If you watch a show for half an hour, an advertisement is shown two to three times in it and the producer of the show and the channel company earn money from this advertisement. If a show has high TRP, it means that more people are watching it and any company wants their advertisement to reach more people, so people with high TRP charge more money for advertising.

Friends, in this post all the information related to TRP was told to you – what is TRP, how to get television rating points, what is the importance of TRP, how TRP earns income, what is the benefit of TRP. And now you must have understood that what is the benefit of any channel from TRP. If you have got to learn something new from this post, then definitely share it.

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