The Expert’s Guide to Skyrocketing Your Blog to #1 in Google’s Search Results “15 Pro Tips”

How to Rank Your Blog Post #1 in Google Overnight. The Expert’s Guide to Skyrocketing Your Blog to #1 in Google’s Search Results. In today’s post, we’ll learn how to rank your blog posts on Google. I will share some ways to help you achieve the top position on Google, regardless of whether your post is new or old. These methods will work for all types of blog posts.

The most important thing in blogging is to write a blog and get it done in Google, which is the main work of the blog and it is also the most difficult thing because creating a blog or starting blogging can be the easiest thing, which you do only once. But still there are many common things about which every professional blogger knows and applying those things on his blog makes his post rank top in Google, so in today’s post we will know what an old blogger does.

Due to which their post gets ranked in Google and the new blogger’s post is not in Google. So if you are worried about the ranking of your blog post, then read this post completely, in this there are some special ways to rank blog post in Google, so that you can rank your post at 1 position.

In today’s time, millions of new bloggers search in Google that how to rank their blog or blog post in Google or how to get tips or tricks, but they do not know that tips or tricks do not work in Google ranking. If anything works the most then it is your content.

Because Google needs the best content that can solve the user’s problem, here the better your content, the better you can rank in Google, but if your content is not right, then you can use any number of tips or tricks. can be used. Your post will not rank in Google.

In today’s post, we will know some real reasons to rank in Google, on the basis of which you can also rank your new blog or new blog post in Google. In which I will also give you some examples about my new blog so that you understand better about Google ranking. Let’s know.

Select the correct domain name

When you think about ranking on the top position of Google, here you also need to have a top level domain name because your domain also plays a major role in Google ranking. Before buying this domain and ranking the work of making a blog, you need to think about what kind of domain you should take and on which platform you should make your blog. If we talk about top level domains, then .com .net .org .in are all top level domains and you should make your blog from this domain because in today’s time it is not easy to rank in Google by making blogs on all domains.

Choose the Right Blogging Platform

Blogging platform is not even 1% factor of google ranking, you can create blog on any platform, because of platform you will not see any difference in ranking, but a good blogging platform gives you the facility to work in a good way. And in today’s time, if you want to get a good rank in Google, then you will need a good blogging platform from where you can do better blogging and rank your post on the top position in Google.

If we talk about a good blogging platform, then there is no better third blogging platform than Blogger and WordPress, but there is a lot of difference between Blogger and WordPress, here you will not get as much convenience as WordPress provides for blogging. Therefore, if you want to rank in a good place in Google, then you should make a blog on WordPress only by buying Hosting and Domain, only then you will be able to do blogging work in a better way and get your post ranked on Google.

Choose the right blog topic

To start blogging you need a blog topic. According to the topic you choose here, you also get ranking in Google because in today’s time there is a lot of competition in blogging. The more competition you choose here, the more difficult it will be for you to rank in Google. But if you choose a topic without competition, then you can rank your blog or blog post very quickly on that topic.

Meaning that if the Blog Topic you are choosing, if many blogs are already made on the same Topic, then its competition will be high because here you have to rank your post by writing a Blog on that Topic. That is, you have to compete with the old blogger and here your blog is new, then you cannot compete with the old blogger, nor can you rank your post.

So here you have to choose some easy blog topics on which you can easily rank without any competition. By the way, you can write a blog post of many topics on a blog, but in today’s time, a blog with only one blog topic is easily ranked on its topic, so you should choose only one blog topic and related to this topic. Must buy domain name only.

Because when you buy Domain by Topic it becomes even better for Google Ranking, you will see most of the blogs built by buying a similar domain that their blog ranks for that Topic. In such a situation, you have to choose a blog topic and make your blog by purchasing a related domain from your topic, which will help you a lot in Google ranking.

Choose low competition keywords

It is more important than choosing a good blog topic to find low competition keywords because blog topic means to rank your blog in Google. And low competition keywords are the ones to rank your blog posts for. From where you get the most traffic, but to get the blog post ranked quickly by Google, you have to choose Low Competition Keywords, due to which your post gets ranked quickly in Google due to low competition.

To know all this, you have to understand the process of keyword research, then you will be able to know all these things easily and find the lowest competition keywords for yourself. Because keyword research is a process from where you can search low competition keywords and you can know all those things about this keyword. Which will help you in Google ranking, then only you can write a blog post on that keyword and get ranked in Google.

Write the best quality content

In today’s time, to rank your blog in Google, it is important that your post has good quality content. Only then your post can be ranked in google, you can use all the ranking tips or tricks around the world.

But tips or tricks work only when your content is good, when the content is not good, then these tips or tricks will also start harming you instead of benefiting you in Google ranking, that is, that post will never rank again in Google.

Most bloggers write their blog posts in such a way that their posts get ranked in Google, while they do not care that the user is reading the blog post, so what will the user get after reading it? Because many people here do not know the meaning of Quality Content, here Quality Content does not mean just writing long posts or writing posts according to Google, but giving complete information according to the intent of the user’s query or keyword.

So that the reader can understand better. Here, along with giving complete information in your post, you have to understand Google SEO and write the post accordingly. So that the reader reading the post likes your information and Google likes the correct structure and SEO of that post so that your post can get a higher position in Google.

Do blog post SEO

Friends, even just by writing good quality content, your post cannot rank top in Google. Because it requires some basic SEO along with advanced SEO which can index your post quickly in Google so that your post can rank faster.

Unless you understand well about Indexing and Ranking, you cannot even get your post ranked in Google. Because your post will rank in Google only when it is properly indexed in Google. Here for Google Indexing you have to understand the SEO of Google Search Console. In which you will have to learn SEO from adding your blog to submitting Sitemap of Blog Post and solving the Indexing Problem of your post.

If we talk about SEO, then On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO of your blog post is very important to rank a post in Google. But here you cannot miss the technical SEO of your blog. Because as long as your blog is technical, there will be a problem in SEO, your post will also not rank in Google, so you should know about all SEO.

Design your blog mobile friendly

By giving a good design to your blog, the ranking of your blog does not increase. Because the design is made to attract the reader, but designing the blog according to the mobile device is the biggest ranking factor of Google in today’s time.

Because in today’s time most of your blog opens from mobile and is read from mobile only, if you do not design your blog according to mobile then it will not open properly in mobile. That’s why you have to make your blog user friendly as well as mobile friendly so that your blog opens properly in mobile and opens properly on desktop as well and its design is also correct.

This means or advantage is that the better you look, the more users will stay on your blog, which helps you a lot in ranking. For example a user came to read a post on your blog, he reads the post from one minute to 5 minutes. But if he likes the design of your blog, then he sees the design of the blog for one to two minutes, that is, he will stay on your blog for two more minutes. Which is very beneficial for Google ranking.

This reduces the bounce rate of your blog because the user stays on your blog for a long time. Due to which Google thinks that your blog post is very good. Due to which it ranks your post on even more top position. That’s why it has to be made such that users can like it as much as possible.

Speed up your blog loading speed

Since Google has launched Core Web Vital, since then the loading speed of the blog has also become a ranking factor and in today’s time the same blog can rank on top whose loading speed will be faster. Generally, the problem of Loading Speed comes due to Theme, Plugin HTML Coding in WordPress and Platform in Blogger because does not provide so much facility that you can make your Blog’s Loading Speed Fast. That’s why I recommend you to create a blog on WordPress, here you will get millions of themes and plugins which you can use according to your need to increase the loading speed of your blog.

Focus on increasing the CTR of your blog

Increasing the CTR of the blog also increases your Google ranking, here CTR means that when your post appears at a position in Google, how many people click on that post, that is your CTR. which you want to increase. By the way, when your post ranks on the top position, then your CTR is also high and the lower you rank, the CTR is also less.

Here you just have to work on the title and description of your blog post, because when your post is ranked in Google, only these two things appear, here you have to create a title and description that people can click on. Here it is about blog CTR. Adsense’s CTR is different.

Reduce Bounce Rate of Blog

Just as it is necessary to increase the CTR of the blog, in the same way it is necessary to reduce the Bounce Rate of your blog. You must have understood about Blog’s CTR, now let’s talk about Bounce Rate, what it is and how it can be reduced.

When your post gets ranked in Google, a user clicks and comes to your blog, this click becomes your CTR. But how many posts that user reaches on your blog and for how long he reads the blog post is your bounce rate count.

For example a user went to your blog post and if he did not like the blog post then he will come back there. Due to which the bounce rate of your blog will increase, but that user reads that post completely or reads any other post. So your bounce rate will not increase.

Here you need to understand why the reader left your blog, why he did not like it, you have to find that thing and correct it, then only the bounce rate of your blog will be correct. You will get information about all these things in Google Analytics, why readers are going back from your blog, how many posts are being read, which you can measure and correct.

Create blog posts for better results

Rich Results is a hidden technique of SEO, on the basis of which you prepare your post to rank on top position, so that Google knows that this post is special among all.

If we understand it in simple language, then we have to make our post in such a way that Google can understand your post well because Google does not read any text. Just understands the coding behind the blog and when you do something special, Google understands this coding immediately, which increases the chances of getting top rank.

For which nowadays schema markup is used like external schema markup, how to schema, table schema and review etc. which you have to do in your blog post as well. Because this Schema Markup shows your post in front of Google in a more systematic way and also shows it in search results so that more users come to your blog post. It shows a professional blog to the user.

In today’s Google ranking, you cannot ignore backlink because backlink is such a thing which not only gives you direct traffic but also helps a lot in ranking your post.

But you get more benefit of Backlink when the content is better. The site on which traffic comes, the Da Pa of that site is also good, which means that site is good in the eyes of Google. If you get a good backlink then you benefit, but a bad backlink also harms you, so make quality backlinks thoughtfully.

One backlink to your post is enough if it comes from a good site. Thousands of backlinks are also of no use. To make backlinks you can buy backlinks by paying money, make backlinks by guest posting or exchange backlinks by agreement, but whatever backlinks you want to make, you have to make quality backlinks.

Share the article on social media

Sharing your blog post on social media also increases the ranking of your site because when you share your post on social media, many readers click on that link and come to your blog and read your post. Due to which the ranking of that post increases.

When you are a new blogger or your blog is new, then no matter how good a post you write, your post is not ranked, nor does any traffic come on that post, in such a situation, you can share that post on social media. .

Due to which direct traffic will come on that post of yours, due to which that post of yours will also start getting ranked in Google. But for this also you have to share your post on such social media where there are some desired followers and those followers click on your link and come to your post.

If you share on such social media where there are no followers, then there will be no special benefit from doing so. Here you can share your post on Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Twitter any social media.

Write posts regularly

When you write regular posts on your blog, then the ranking of your posts also increases because by posting regularly, readers come to your blog daily, here some people also read the posts directly on your blog. But for this you need to write regular posts and that post needs to be published at a certain time only then people will gradually understand your time table and at the same time they will be able to come to your blog and read the post.

Here, if you cannot write a daily post, then you can write by giving a gap of one or two days, but the time should be fixed that at what time you publish the post, only then the reader will know your time. Friends, by posting here regularly, the reader gets to know that the post has been published, as well as Google also believes that you can work regularly on your blog, due to which Google also improves your ranking.

Update your old post

Updating your post is more important than writing a new blog post because whatever information you give here in the post becomes old according to the time, which you need to update, otherwise the rank post will also be deranked.

You don’t need to update all the post here because Google ranks fresh content on some keywords and old posts on some keywords so you have to update only those posts which need to be updated. But this does not mean that if you have written a blog post then never update it, it also needs to be updated if needed.

Use push notifications on blog

This Push Notification can also help a lot in your Google Ranking because with Push Notification your Reader gets the Notification of your Post Publish. Along with this, it is also known that which post you have published so that the reader can get your immediate information.

This push notification is like subscribing to youtube channel from where your blog readers subscribe to your blog and get notification of all those new posts or old posts.


So friends, this was some information to rank the blog in Google, in which we have given 15 ways. By following which you can rank your post on top number. Although these 15 methods are not enough for ranking, but I have told those methods, which are especially important for Google ranking. Hope this information “How to rank Blog post in Google?” Must have been useful for you, in which you have got to learn a lot about Google ranking, how did you like this information, you can write it in the comment.

How can I check the ranking of my blog post?

Blog post ranking You can see in your Google Analytics report on which number your post keyword is ranking.

Can I get Blogspot Blog ranked in Google?

Yes you can. But in Blogspot you will not get the facility which is available in WordPress which makes your blogging work easier.

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