Ship destroyed 2 weeks after collision: Titanic Ship story

The story of the sinking of the Titanic Ship. Whenever it comes to the world’s largest ship, the name of the Titanic ship definitely comes in our mind, Story of Titanic Ship, which was about 17 floors higher than the building, but the question is that such a big ship in its first voyage How did you drown in the water? Was it a natural phenomenon or was there some other reason behind it. After all, what happened on the day of Titanic’s sinking? We are going to tell you the answers to all these questions in today’s article.

Friends Titanic was the largest ship of its time, and it was the largest ship made by humans at that time. On 31 March 1909, 3000 people started building the Titanic ship together and then in 26 months i.e., on 31 May 1911. It is said that during its construction more than 250 people were injured and 2 people died. And on the day, it was ready i.e., 31 May 1911, more than one lakh people came to see it. Titanic’s maximum speed was 43 kilometers per hour.

Titanic left Southampton, England for New York on 10 April 1912. All went well for four days, but on April 14, 1912, at 11:40 p.m., it struck an iceberg and began to fill with water at its bottom.

As soon as the ship collided with the iceberg, there was an atmosphere of fear on the ship, but in the time of crisis, some intelligent people came forward and consoled them and said that there is no need to be afraid, then the children and women were safely removed from the lifeboat on the ship. Gone.

About 2 hours 40 minutes after hitting the iceberg, the ship completely sank in the sea. According to an estimate, there were 3545 people aboard the ship. Out of which 2685 were passengers and 860 were crew members and sadly 1533 people lost their lives.

There were only 20 lifeboats on the Titanic ship, which was enough to save only 2 percent of the people, but perhaps if there were more lifeboats on the ship, so many people would not have died.

Titanic destroyed 2 weeks after collision

Friends, bodies of only 306 people who died in this accident were found, the bodies of the rest were not even found. The temperature of the water in which Titanic was immersed was 2 degree Celsius. In which no person could stay for more than 15 minutes. Despite the news that the ship was slowly sinking, its musicians continued to play the song till it sank. So that those who are going to die after some time can spend their last time happily.

The iceberg that hit the ship was about 100 feet high. According to an estimate, the iceberg that collided with Titanic broke away from Greenland 10,000 years ago and it was destroyed only 2 weeks after the collision because the iceberg was also damaged due to the collision.

Titanic’s fourth chimney was fake

Titanic needed 600 tons of coal daily. In its team of 860 crew members, the work of 170 people was only to put coal in the furnace. 100 tons of smoke used to come out of the chimneys of this ship every day. The Titanic had four large chimneys. In which smoke came out of only 3 and the fourth chimney was fake, it was made only to maintain the balance of the ship.

Friends, the Titanic accident happened in the Atlantic Sea and it took almost 75 years to find the wreckage of the ship. After many efforts, on 1 September 1985, the wreckage of Titanic was found. You will be surprised to know that the Titanic ship was found broken into two pieces in the sea and the distance between these two pieces was 600 meters.

Interesting facts about titanic

At 11.40 pm on 14 April 1912, on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg that would eventually lead to the ship’s sinking in less than 3 hours.

An estimated cost of building the Titanic was $7,500,000. The history of currency in our India is about 2500 years old. In the year 1917, one rupee used to be equal to 13 dollars. But when India became independent in 1947, one rupee was converted into one dollar.

  • The length of the Titanic was 269.1 meters (882 ft 9 in).
  • The quantity of coal used per day was 825 tonnes.
  • The estimated number of lamp bulbs used on the ship was 10,000.
  • 14,000 gallons of drinking water were used every 24 hours.
  • The ship’s provisions numbered 40,000 fresh eggs.
  • The number of bottles of liquor aboard is 1,000.
  • The number of lifeboats was 64.
  • The number of people aboard the first lifeboat was 28, which had a capacity of 65 people.
  • Titanic could hold a maximum of 3,547 people.
  • The number of iceberg warnings Titanic received before the collision was 6.
  • It took 160 minutes for the Titanic to sink after hitting an iceberg.
  • The sea water temperature in the sinking area of ​​Titanic was -2°C.
  • The depth of 12,600 feet at which the wreckage of Titanic was found.
  • The estimated number of artifacts recovered from the wreck site is 6,000.

Titanic movie cost more than Titanic ship

Scientists still do not agree on why the Titanic broke into two pieces. Because it had a hole in it and it is believed that it probably broke due to the rising pressure on the surface of the ocean. Friends, although many films and documentaries have been made on Titanic, but the Titanic film made in 1997 was the most discussed. The cost of making this film was 40 percent more than the cost of building the Titanic ship at that time.

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