Story: People who wish I could become the most powerful person in the world

Friends, in today’s stressful life, everyone is looking for a source which can relieve their stress and fill them with inspiration. In such a situation, the role of motivational stories becomes important. These stories not only enhance our moral strength but also fill us with inspiration.

Such Hindi stories which not only entertain but also teach you a big lesson. We hope these stories bring positive change in your life.

There was a small village. There a man used to break stones on the mountain. He had no complaints with his life. He used to work all day, toil hard and in the evening he would take the money he got, spend time with his family and sleep peacefully.

One day when that man was going to his home after finishing his work, while walking on the way a thought came in his mind that this is also a life that from morning to evening I work at breaking stones and in the evening I Get some money. It is difficult for me and my family to survive in this.

Motivational Story

If only! May I have such power that whatever I wish comes true. He went home and had food but he was not concentrating on eating. All that was going on in his mind was, I wish! I would also be rich. The man fell asleep thinking here. While sleeping at night, he saw in his dream that he was returning home after finishing his work as usual and suddenly he saw a huge palace.

Seeing that palace, it came to his mind that I wish! This palace would be mine and I would be its owner. Thinking this, he became the owner of that palace. He couldn’t believe that what he had planned had happened. But his happiness did not last long as he heard some noise coming from outside his house.

He looked outside and saw that a huge rally was going on and in the middle of that rally was a very big king. Everyone standing there was raising slogans in his name. And everyone was standing in front of him with folded hands, everyone was longing to see him. (Motivational Story in Hindi)

Then he realized how small I was in front of that king. A thought came to his mind that if only! I would have been such a great king and I would have had as much power as he has. Just by thinking he became a king. There was no limit to his happiness as there was a crowd of thousands of people around him and everyone was yearning to see him.

But this happiness also did not last long. The sun was very bright. The king was not used to living in such sunlight and heat. Due to sunlight he felt dizzy and fainted. Then he thought that he is not the most powerful, it is the Sun who is the most powerful.

Then it came to his mind that if only! If I had become the sun, no one would have been able to stand before me. Just by thinking he became the sun and he went crazy with joy because he was lighting up the whole world. There was no one in the entire world who could stop his light. But this happiness also could not last long. (Motivational Story in Hindi)

After some time some dark clouds appeared in the sky which blocked the sunlight. Then he realized that there is a person in this world who has the power to stop the sunlight. Then the thought came to his mind that if only! I would have become a cloud, he thought so much that he became a cloud and started flying in the sky.

He felt as if I was flying in the sky. I can go wherever I want. But after some time, very strong winds came there and took those clouds with it. Then he understood that the clouds can block the sunlight but cannot stop the winds. Then he realized that alas! I become the wind and he becomes the wind.

By becoming the wind he experienced a different energy. It flowed freely whenever it wanted and created a storm whenever it wanted. He was beginning to think that he was the most powerful person in this world, then he had to face a big mountain. He used all his strength but could not move that mountain even that much. (Motivational Story in Hindi)

Then he realized that there is someone else in this world who is more powerful than this wind, who has the power to stop the wind. Then it came to his mind that if only! I would have been a mountain, he had to think so much that he became a mountain. But like every time, this time too their happiness did not last long.

He heard a familiar voice. Also he started having pain from somewhere. He felt that there was someone who was breaking him. He started groaning in pain and it came to his mind that I wish! May I become the one who has the power to break this mountain. How to save time: Generally, we waste our time or spend it in useless activities

But this time his wish was not fulfilled and he started crying loudly. His pain was increasing and because of the pain, as soon as he woke up, there was a mirror in front of him and when he looked at himself in the mirror, he understood why he could not become the person he wanted to become because in reality he was a human being. Who was breaking stones.

Friends, the same happens with humans too. What happens is that he thinks he is the weakest whereas it is not so. Just think that whatever you are today, you are the most powerful in the world. You can end every difficulty in a moment. If you think like this then no power in the world can make you sad.

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