People believe that Google knows everything: Interesting Facts

People believe that Google knows everything, but do you know everything about Google? If not, then after reading this post Google Search Engine Google You will get to know some interesting facts and interesting things about.

Google’s office employs 200 goats. Google did not use a mower to cut the grass in its office lawn. The employees working in the office would face problems due to the smoke and noise coming out. The goats also filled their stomachs with the grass trimmings.

In 2005, Google bought the Android company. The popularity of Android can be gauged from the fact that today it occupies about 80 percent of the smartphone market.

More than 200 things are taken into account to get the best results of a search done on Google and the best results are displayed as per these measurements within a few seconds.

Over 90% of Google’s revenue comes from ads.

Very few people know that Google made its first tweet in the computer language in which 0 and 1 are used – ‘Binary’.

Google’s search engine is 100 million gigabytes, meaning 1 terabyte (TB) of 1 million drivers would be required.

The first tweet that Google sent out was, “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 0110101 1 01111001 00001010”. In English it means “I’m feeling lucky”

More than 20,000 people apply for jobs at Google every week.

In 2006, Google purchased the online video sharing site YouTube. Over 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

6 billion hours of video are watched every month on Google’s video service YouTube.

In 2010, Google introduced advertising, on which advertisers can run their ads.

Google’s homepage is blank because Sergey Brin and Larry Page had no knowledge of HTML to make the Google homepage beautiful.

The main developer of the Firefox web browser is now working for Google. offers a view of Mars.

Google is the most visited website in the world.

In 2004, when the reliable Gmail was introduced with 1 GB of free storage, Hotmail offered only 2 MB of storage.

The total size of Google Earth’s database is more than 20 petabytes.

Google Maps predicts how fast Android devices move on the road.

When a Google employee dies, it pays half their salary to their spouse for 10 years.

And his children are given $1,000 per month until they turn 19 years old.

With the help of Google Map, you can see ships and creatures under sea water.

Google’s first computer storage was made from LEGO.

The name Google was “Google” only by chance. The founders named it GOOGOL.

Google needs enough power to run a computer, not send Apollo 11 to the moon.

YouTube is the world’s largest search engine after Google.

The CEO of Yahoo was the first female employee of Google.

Netflix is ​​older than Google, founded in 1997. Whereas Google was founded in 1998.

Google’s head quarter is called Google Plex.

In Gmail, the dot doesn’t matter. If you put an extra dot in an email address, the email will be delivered to the same location.

Google was started in 1998 and today it has become an important part of our daily lives. We use it every day.

Google was founded in September 1998. At that time there were 10,000 searches per day.

A year later in September 1999, search queries from the Google search engine reached 3.5 million per day.

In the mid-2000s, the average day had reached 18 million searches.

In April 2007, users around the world began searching for information from Google, more than 200 million per day. That means the number of searches had increased five times.

In August 2012, Google senior Amit Singhal revealed that Google’s search engine had found more than 30 trillion URLs on the web.

Which crawls 20 billion sites per day, and processes 100 billion searches every day.

If you need any kind of information from the internet, first of all take help of Google.

Google was founded in 1998 and Google celebrates its birthday on 27th September.

Initially, the founder of Google did not know much about HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), which is essential for creating and designing web pages. That’s why Google’s homepage is very simple.

Estimates suggest that there are approximately 63,000 Google searches per second. Which is 3.8 million per minute and 228 million per hour.

According to current estimates there are approximately 2 trillion Google searches per year. That means 2,000,000,000,000 searches are done!

90,906GB of internet traffic in 1 second. 82,152 Google searches in 1 second.

A Google query uses 1,000 computers in 0.2 seconds to get an answer.

In 1999, it took Google a month to crawl its index of approximately 50 million pages. But in 2012, the same task was completed in less than a minute.

Google is actually a misspelling of Googol. Googol is a very large number which contains 100 zeros. The domain named Googol was already booked, so while registering the domain, it was named Google.

Google places Google Doodle on its homepage on a big day or birthday of a special person. For example, on October 2, Gandhiji’s picture is placed in place of Google People.

The idea of ​​Gmail was given by Rajan Seth when he went to Google for an interview.

It was used internally for two years by Google to thoroughly test it before launching the Gmail service.

In 2004, Google launched Gmail on April Fool’s.

There is a very large doodle team working at Google, which has posted more than a thousand doodles so far.

A doodle is a special logo that is placed on Google to commemorate a special day or a great person. When there is a festival of Diwali, the doodle is shown with firecrackers.

Google purchased the Android company in 2005. Today about 80% of smartphones use only Android system.

In 2005 itself, Google launched Google Map and Google Earth app.

Google purchased YouTube in 2006 for US$1.65 billion.

Of these fun and interesting facts about Google, you may know some of them, but not all of them. Hope you liked all this information about Search Engine Google.

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