National Press Day: The Day We Celebrate the People Who Hold the Powerful Accountable

National Press Day 2023: Why is National Press Day celebrated, Rashtriya Press Divas in Hindi, Opinions are getting mixed in the news today. Editorialization of news has started. The number of news based on ideas has started increasing. #NationalPressDay #PressFreedom #JournalismMatters #MediaFreedom #FreePress #FourthEstate #TruthMatters #JournalismDay #PressFreedomDay #DemocracyNeedsJournalism

National Press Day Date 2023: National Press Day is celebrated every year on 16 November.

World Press Day Kab Hai?
DateNational Press Day every year 16 November Is celebrated.
EstablishmentThe Press Council was established in India on 4 July 1966, which was formally issued with effect from 16 November 1966.
DescriptionThe purpose of National Press Day is to help maintain freedom of the press in the country and protect the high standards of journalism.

Why is National Press Day celebrated?

As we all know, a Press Council was conceived by the First Press Commission with the aim of protecting the freedom of the press in India and setting high ideals in journalism.

As a result, the Press Council was established in India on 4 July 1966, which was formally issued from 16 November 1966. Since then, every year 16 November is being celebrated as National Press Day.

Today there are press councils in about 50 countries of the world. In some countries the Press Council is also called Media Council. The purpose of the council is to help maintain freedom of the press in the country and protect high standards of journalism.

Journalism is the art and genre of delivering informative, educative and entertaining messages to the masses. A newspaper is like an answer sheet with lakhs of examiners and countless reviewers.

Testers and reviewers of other mediums are also their target group. Factuality, realism, balance and objectivity are its basic elements. But his shortcomings are proving to be a big tragedy in the field of journalism today. Whether a journalist is trained or untrained, everyone knows that factuality is essential in journalism.

But today the tendency to create sensation by distorting and exaggerating facts has started increasing in journalism. From this information it has come to light that bias and imbalance are often seen in the news. In this way the vested interest in news is clearly visible.

Opinions are mixed in the news today. Editorialization of news has started. The number of news based on ideas has started increasing.

This has led to the development of an unhealthy trend in journalism. News is the mother of ideas. Therefore, ideas based on news may be welcomed, but news based on ideas is becoming a curse.

The same media is considered both the mirror and lamp of the society. The function of a mirror is to act like a plane mirror so that it can present an accurate picture of the society to the society.

But sometimes due to vested interests, these news media start acting like convex or concave mirrors instead of plane mirrors. Due to this, an inverted, false, imaginary and distorted picture of the society is also emerging.

What is journalism?

Journalism is a major profession of modern civilization, which includes collecting, writing, aggregating and disseminating information, editing and proper presentation of news, etc. In today’s era, there are many mediums of journalism; For example – newspapers, magazines, radio, television, web-journalism etc.

Journalists act as intermediaries between the public and policy makers. A journalist plays an important role in this context. These journalists listen to and record the messages spoken by the elite. This information is processed and published for informational purposes for the benefit of the public.

Journalistic styles

There are many styles used in journalism to describe events in written form, which are called “journalistic styles”. Newspapers and magazines often publish thoughtful articles written by expert journalists, called “feature stories.”

Feature articles are mostly longer types of articles where the focus is on style rather than direct news information. Most articles are combined with photographs, illustrations or other forms of “art”. Sometimes they are also brightened with print effects or colors.

Journalism can be of different types.

  • Rural Journalism Rural Journalism
  • Interpretive Journalism
  • Development Journalism Development Journalism
  • Reference Journalism Reference Journalism
  • Parliamentary Journalism Parliamentary Journalism
  • Radio Journalism Radio Journalism
  • Doordarshan Journalism
  • Photo Journalism Photo Journalism
  • Legal Journalism
  • Space Journalism Space Journalism
  • General Journalism
  • Celebrity Journalism Celebrity Journalism
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Science Journalism Science Journalism
  • sports journalism Sports Journalism

When is International Sports Journalists Day celebrated?

every year 02 July It is celebrated as International Sports Journalism Day in different countries of the world. This day is a day to honor the excellent work of the media in providing news from the sports world.

What is sports journalism?

Sports is not only a means of entertainment but it is also a symbol of good health, physical stamina and intellectual ability. This is the reason why sports have been practiced all over the world since ancient times.

Indoor games like Chaupar, Chaucer or Chess have been popular since ancient times, along with outdoor or field games like pugilism, archery, horse riding, swimming, gulli-danda, polo games.

Sports journalism has played an important role in highlighting amazing feats in sports, whether modern or ancient, and in giving wide publicity to them.

It also focuses on athletes and the business of sports. Sports Journalism As the name suggests, journalism reports on sports topics and events and is an essential element of any news media organization. Careers in sports are at their peak today and it brings great career opportunities for sports journalists too.

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