How to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic Fast: Unbelievable Secrets Revealed!

How to increase blog traffic fast: The Ultimate Guide to Driving Massive Traffic to Your Blog: Guaranteed Results! Often the question remains in the mind of a new blogger that How to increase blog traffic fast? how to increase my blog traffic? What are the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website

Are you also a new blogger, have you also created a blog recently and you are wondering how to bring traffic to the blog from Google search? So this post is for you, in which we will know how to increase the traffic of the blog. Friends, it is easy to make a blog in today’s date, but it is difficult to bring traffic. Millions of blogs are being created daily on Google, but there are only a few blogs that can bring traffic. The biggest reason for which is that today’s generation follows each other, that is, there is a successful blogger, seeing him and his blog, thousands of people make blogs in the same way, but will he be able to beat that blog.

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Friends, it is not wrong to learn something by watching someone, but it is the most wrong thing to be like him and this is the biggest reason why today’s new bloggers are not able to bring traffic to their blog. So in today’s post, I will not only tell you how to increase the traffic of the blog, but also tell about the shortcomings that do not bring traffic to the blog, because how can you increase traffic until you know your mistake? So if you are also troubled by the traffic of your blog, then read this post completely, in this, complete information has been given about how to increase the traffic on the blog, so that you can increase the traffic of your blog.

How to increase traffic on blog?

Friends, whenever you search about how to increase Blog Par Traffic on Youtube or Google, you get some common suggestions, such as – Design the blog User Friendly, Write High Quality and SEO Friendly Content, Do Keyword Research Create Proper Content Structure, Use Schema, Build High Quality Backlinks, Do Social Media Marketing etc. But before doing this, you have to understand two things that what are the ways to increase the traffic of the blog and what are the mistakes you are making in your blog which are stopping the traffic of the blog. Because new blogger or old blogger, he follows all the methods mentioned above to increase blog traffic, but still blog traffic does not increase, so let’s first know what are the ways to increase blog traffic?

How many ways to increase blog traffic?

Friends, there can be many reasons for not getting traffic on the blog, but when it comes to increasing blog traffic, first of all you have to see from where you want to bring traffic to your blog because there are many ways to get traffic like –

  • Traffic from Google or other search engines
  • Traffic from social media
  • Traffic through backlinks
  • Traffic through ads

Apart from this, you do not have any other way from where you can bring traffic to your blog, now from here you have to work according to the way you want to bring traffic to your blog. Like – If you want to bring traffic from social media, then you have to do social media marketing, but if you want organic traffic from Google, then you have to work on Google’s SEO, for which the quality of your blog should also be good. Because Google will give you traffic only when your post will rank well in Google.

So here you have to understand that where you want traffic then only you will work accordingly because when you focus on all things together then it takes lot of time but nowadays who has so much time. The biggest problem of today’s new bloggers is that they want results as soon as possible, if they do not get them, they will leave blogging, so here your thinking becomes very important that what kind of traffic you want and how soon. So let’s talk about these four ways, how you can use these methods to bring traffic to your blog and what you have to do for this.

How to increase organic traffic to blog from Google or other search engines?

Friends, whenever you think of bringing traffic from Google or any other search engine, for this you have to work on your blog and blog posts as well as work on Google’s SEO, which is the most difficult. There is work – not one but thousands of types of work in which you have to write SEO Friendly and User Friendly Blog Post, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO and many other types of work. The main objective of which is to rank your blog and blog post at a good place in Google, so that you get organic traffic from Google, but all this work is not a day or a few months because it takes more time. After doing so much work, how to bring organic traffic from Google to the blog can be easy for a successful blogger, which he can complete in a few days if he wants, but it will not be easy for a new blogger, because The new blogger does not even know how to increase the traffic on the blog. So let’s first know about this organic way how you can bring traffic from Google to your blog. What is Chatbot? Chatbots: Your Personal Assistant in the Digital Age!

How to create a blog and on which platform?

Friends, today’s new bloggers create their blog on any platform without thinking anything, but when it comes to bringing traffic to the blog, they understand that they have made a mistake by creating a blog on that platform because there they have Those facilities are not there. Talking about a good blogging platform here, there can be no better platform than Blogger and WordPress and apart from this you should not go to any other platform but there is a huge difference between these two platforms. When I started blogging, I started on Blogger without buying a custom domain.

But it was only a few days that I realized that I made a big mistake by not buying a custom domain, then I bought the domain, added it to blogger, then worked with this custom domain for the next one month. In which Google Adsense got approved by writing some posts. After getting the approval of Google Adsense, I understood what to do with Google Adsense when there is no traffic on my blog and neither is earning, then I started researching how to increase the traffic of the blog. In this research I found that my blog is made on blogger whose source is limited, there is no freedom to do anything. I faced a lot of difficulties in moving from blogger to wordpress, but once everything was done, I understood what wordpress is and it has not been even a year since I shifted to wordpress, in which I am running this blog. managed to manage. And then I never even looked at the blogger.

After doing all the work of increasing traffic and earning money on WordPress blog, meanwhile I created five more blogs, friends, this story can bore you but can teach you a lot. People think that they will start blogging for free, when they start earning money, they will switch to WordPress, but have you ever thought how big a problem it is? If seen, I wasted time on Blogger for about 2 months, but today I feel that if I had created a blog directly on WordPress, then whatever condition my blog would be in today, it would have been even better. So my opinion for today’s new blogger is that if you think about increasing blog traffic and earning money from it, first of all make your blog on WordPress by buying hosting and domain, here you will be able to do more work with less effort. How can you increase blog traffic when you have more time but work well.

User friendly blog design

Friends, to increase blog traffic, it is necessary that your blog should be user friendly as well as mobile friendly because a user friendly blog can satisfy your user but Google can also give penalty to your blog if it is not mobile friendly. Whether it is in the form of error or in the form of page experience and if this happens then the traffic of your blog will never increase. Here some new bloggers understand the meaning of being user friendly and mobile friendly only by making their blog beautiful, where they put colors from all over the world on the blog. But here being User Friendly and Mobile Friendly means a kind of SEO where you give good options on the blog for the user from User Friendly so that he can stay on your blog for longer and read more.

On the other hand, Mobile Friendly means making your blog Mobile Friendly because today any blog is read mostly from Mobile and that is why Google has also started many types of SEO for Mobile. To check mobile friendly of your blog, you can go to setting of Rank Math SEO plugin, you can check in your google search console, many blog speed checker tools also give mobile friendly information of blog from where you can check Can But it is more important than checking to design User and Mobile Friendly Blog in which the main role is Theme, so find a good User Friendly and Mobile Friendly Theme, which you can improve by setting some setting, which will increase the traffic of your blog. There will be help.

Do proper keyword research

Friends, keyword research is a process where you not only find out the search volume and competition of the keyword, but you can also understand the intent of the keyword, what the keyword is saying and how to write the answer and how much to write. In today’s era, when any blogger writes a blog post, then with keyword research, he sees his competitor who is currently ranking in Google on that keyword, what he has written so that he can make his post better. If you understand the keyword intent and write the post accordingly, you can beat any competitor, because most of the bloggers today think that writing a long post is better than your competitor, which is a waste of time. Today’s successful bloggers spend most of their time in keyword research, they try to find keywords that have good search and less competition, or they find competitors whose posts are not good, on which they can be defeated by writing good posts. Can be defeated. can be defeated. Because one good keyword is better than 10 worthless keywords which alone can bring traffic equal to 10 posts on your blog, so focus on keyword research and only then consider writing posts.

Write High Quality Content

If there is any better way to bring traffic to the blog then it is your blog post, as much content as you can write is good for you because when your content is good then you can easily rank in Google. There is no dearth of good content in Google, just you have to understand how well you can explain a topic to the user through text so that the user gets value as well as that post is SEO friendly in the eyes of Google, Google it Gives better rank.

Here ranking on better position in google means number one ranking from where you get maximum traffic because as soon as you rank second, third or below you will get less or no traffic from there. And to rank number one, you have to write SEO friendly blog post with user friendly blog post, with which many types of SEO will also be needed, only then you will be able to rank on number one. Here the art of writing your blog post is very important because what kind of words you are using in the blog is very important because the same thing can be told by different words. But you have to learn which word is better for you. Spelling mistakes with words have to be avoided. A quantity changes the meaning of your whole word.

The only way to avoid this type of blog post mistake is to re-read the blog post you have written and see whether you are enjoying reading and understanding that post or not. When you are trying to rank first number in Google, you have to try to write better than all the blog posts in Google true result, then only you will be able to rank above those posts from that post. Many people will find this task difficult, but the reality is that the post on which you are ranking and getting traffic from Google, you have to write a better blog post, then only how to increase traffic on your blog will be successful.

Do SEO of Blog

Friends, if you are looking for ways to increase traffic on your blog from Google, then you will also have to learn SEO of the blog, only then you can increase the traffic of your blog because SEO is not one but many types to write blog posts. Page SEO in which you make your Blog Post a Proper Content Structure according to SEO. Along with Off Page SEO, where you do SEO for your blog outside the blog, even putting Image and Video in Blog Post is also SEO, which is very important to get Blog’s Ranking and Traffic.

But your work does not end with just this much SEO because your main SEO is your Google Search Console where you add your blog and tell Google that it is my blog that you have to rank. Only after that your post starts getting ranked in Google, then whatever SEO problem comes in your blog, Google will tell you in this search console that your blog has this type of problem which you have to solve. Here you can get all the SEO data of your blog, whether it is about the on-page experience of the blog, or ranking of keywords, indexing or any kind of SEO. Only by fixing all these types of SEO, you can think about ranking on top position in google, traffic is a bonus point, when your post is ranked then traffic will definitely come. Friends, this has become a way from where you can get organic traffic from Google, but apart from this, there are many ways from where you can bring traffic directly to your blog, so let’s now know about those methods.

Friends, one of the easiest ways to increase traffic on your blog is to create a bank link from another site where you do not need to do much effort and you can get unlimited traffic from it. Because this is the way from where you can send direct traffic from any site to your blog, which does not require any SEO, does not require any quality content, does not require any good design, does not require anything. Is. All you need is a blog. There is a need to create more and more bank links on this. Whether that user stays on your blog or goes back, in this way you can bring traffic to your blog immediately. So first of all we understand what is Backlink and how it is created.

When you add or share the URL of your blog on any site, the user clicks on this link and directly reaches your blog, this is a bank link and in this way you increase the traffic of the blog. But banklink is not just a means of increasing traffic, but when you get banklink from a good site, it also increases the DA, PA of your blog, which helps you to rank organically in Google. I told you this is the way where you don’t matter SEO, blog post quality, blog design you can get direct traffic through this banklink which is not even 1% lie. But in this way, you will get more benefit of traffic only when your blog and blog post will also be good, otherwise the traffic you will bring from the bank link will not take much time to go, the user will not go through your blog. If he gets the right information for which he has come.

Increase traffic to blog through social media?

Friends, in today’s era, social media can help you a lot in increasing your blog, because today all users are active on social media, if some % of users come to your blog, then crores of traffic will come to your blog. Social media is only a means of increasing traffic because you also get back links from these social media, which become your da, pa, authority in the eyes of Google, due to which you also get organic traffic. For which you do not even need to work hard, all you have to do is create an account on all social media, there you have to give the URL of your blog in the profile and share the link of whatever blog post you share. Now whoever likes that blog post will click on the link and come to your blog and read your blog post, which will increase the traffic of your blog, which is the best way to increase traffic on the blog with less effort.

Increase traffic to blog through ads?

Friends, in today’s time, advertising is also a better way to increase blog traffic, but it is a paid method, that is, you have to pay for running advertisements on your blog. This method is not for those who earn money from blog only through Google Adsense but for those who do more and more affiliate marketing on their blog. At this time you will find thousands of such Ads networks with Google Adsense and Ezoic on the Internet from where you can run Ads of your blog which gives you very good traffic or rather you can get as much traffic as you want. For which you only have to run more ads and running more ads means that you have to pay more money. In today’s time there are many bloggers who are using it.

Whatever money is spent on running ads. Earn two to four times more money by doing affiliate marketing from your blog. But as I told you that the only way to earn money from your blog is Google Adsense or any other advertising network, then you should not adopt this method because any advertising network will not give you more money than the amount spent on running the advertisement. . Therefore, use this method thoughtfully according to your blog, which is the best way to increase traffic on the blog, from where you can bring as much traffic to the blog as you want.

Increase traffic to offline blog?

Friends, when you talk to someone about your blog, that person sees or goes to read your blog, then this also increases the traffic of your blog, whether you tell one person or thousands. It’s up to you. But many people promote their blog in Newspaper Offline, which is also a better way to increase traffic on the blog, you also have to pay for such work, which you deal online yourself, how much money you have to pay and your To show how much advertising is there.

Friends, there can be many other ways where you can promote your blog offline, this method will not only help in increasing the traffic of your blog but it will also make your blog famous in the web world. With this, the authority of your blog will increase rapidly, so that you will get more traffic organically. But only those who have money to spend will be able to use this method, new bloggers will not be able to use these methods or some people will be able to do it.

So, friends this was some special information about increasing traffic on your blog for new bloggers, in which you learned how to increase organic traffic on blog, where we have given complete method as well as some other methods like backlinks, advertising, social Learn about media and offline. I hope this information has been helpful for you, which you have also liked, with the help of which you can increase the traffic of your blog and earn well from the blog, which is the best way to increase traffic on the blog in today’s time. Nice way. If you like this information, then share it with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media so that more and more people read this post and increase the traffic of your blog.

What is Chatbot? Chatbots: Your Personal Assistant in the Digital Age!

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