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so in today’s post we will know what is blog and how to create one? At the same time, you will also know how to earn money from it, so if you also think about earning money online from the internet, then this post is for you.

Blogging is the work done on a product called a blog, and the person working on a blog is called a blogger. is a website that lets you create a free blog. Nowadays, many people create blogs because it’s a way to earn money and be your own boss.

People can make a lot of money every month from blogs. Many bloggers start part-time and eventually do it full-time. Some even quit their government jobs because they earn so much from blogging. If you want to learn how to earn unlimited money through blogging and understand what a blog is, read this post completely.

What is blog?

The key information about a blog post or blog series. It typically includes the following information:

  • Post title: The title of the blog post or series
  • Author: The name of the author of the blog post or series
  • Publication date: The date the blog post or series was published
  • Summary: A brief overview of the blog post or series
  • Keywords: Keywords that are relevant to the blog post or series
  • Call to action: A prompt for the reader to take action, such as subscribing to the blog or commenting on the post

Blog is a type of website, if you know about the website then understand that there is also a blog of the same type. Through which you can share any information by writing through text. People of the world study by searching on the internet. It is just like if you share anything on Facebook, then your friends see and read it, but by sharing anything on Facebook, that post remains limited to some people, whereas the post shared on the blog The whole world can see and read. People can search and read from anywhere.

Blog is a kind of personal product, which is yours, no one else has the right on it, if you can explain any information in the form of text, then you can start blogging by creating a blog and talk about it all over the world. Can keep You can see this blog of mine to understand about the blog, where you are reading this post now, this is a blog on which you are reading the information written by me, where you will get many articles on different topics. Blog posts are available.

The meaning of blog is to share information in the form of text, by reading which the user can get complete information about that subject, it is called a blog. Blogs are mostly searched in Google, where you can search the name or URL of a blog and read that blog or if you do not know the name or URL of a blog, then you can directly search your question in Google. Like you want to know what is the blog then you will search this question in google where you will see many blogs where you can click on a blog and get the answer to your question.

In today’s time, there are crores of Internet users who like to read and search for answers to their questions in Google or want to know whether Google itself writes this information which it shows to those users. So the answer is no, the bloggers like us are the ones who write this information, who create their own blog and share it by writing information on various topics, whose information is the best, Google shows it at number one, then it is a blog. How to Fix Blog’s Page Experience, Core Web Vitals and Rule Google’s Rankings!

What does the blog look like?

Friends, the blog can be of different colors in appearance, it can be of different design, the information written on it can also be different, the information about the same subject can also be different, but the blog One thing is common that you will get to read more and more text on a blog, in which complete information about a subject is written. What is a blog, for example you are seeing this blog of mine, apart from this you can see many blogs by searching any question in Google, everywhere you will get to read more and more text, see less and more text. Now we also know the difference between blog and website, then we will know how to make a blog.

What is the difference between Blog and Website?

Friends, although there is not much difference between the Blog Website because both look the same and do the same thing, but most of the information on the Blog is shared by writing in the form of text, whereas more and more products are seen on the Website. Huh. Meet who you can buy directly from online. Although the method of creating both these blogs / websites is also the same, but designing a website requires learning web designing and coding, while you can design a blog without coding.

Does it cost money to make a blog?

The two most popular platforms for creating a blog on the internet are Blogger and WordPress, in which you can create your blog absolutely free on, where you do not need to spend a single rupee. Whereas to create a blog on WordPress, you have to buy Hosting and Domain, which costs at least 3000 rupees because on you cannot create a blog without Hosting Domain. By the way, there are two platforms for creating a blog in and, in which it costs money to create a blog on, while on you can create a free blog but after that only for one year. You have to pay otherwise your free blog will be closed.

In these three platforms is considered the best to create a blog because the specialty of this blog is that you can start creating a blog without coding and it provides a lot of features which makes your blogging journey very easy. And that’s why money is also spent in it. Although blogger is also a good platform, but here you will need to learn coding to start a blog because its options are limited, that’s why most people make blogs on only, out of all the blogs seen on Google 70% are made on this platform, the method of which I am going to tell you below.

On which topic should you make a blog?

Friends, as I have told you, by making a blog, information has to be shared by writing on the blog, for which a better topic is needed, which should be read by more and more people. By the way, you can choose any blog topic to make a blog like cooking, playing games, writing about news, you can make a blog about technology, there are many such topics. But here before selecting any blog topic you have to see on which topic you can write better because you can write better about the topic you have more knowledge about. Because when you make the things of your interest the subject of the blog, you can write better, you are not bored in that work, but do it with fun, so you should make the things of your interest the subject of the blog.

How to make blog from mobile?

Friends, today most people search about creating a blog from mobile, because most people have mobile but do not have laptop / computer, then we will know how to create a blog from mobile, by reading which you can create a blog. But here there is a doubt in the mind of many people whether a blog can be made from mobile, blogging can be done from mobile, for which I am the biggest example. Today I have two blogs that I have created from mobile, all the work of the blog is done from mobile and I also earn $ 200+ a month from this blog, today I also have a laptop, but the better I am from blogging mobile Can’t do it from laptop. Today I will share with you the same way, with the help of which you can start your blog from mobile on Blogger and WordPress, the two most popular platforms for creating blogs, so let’s first know about creating a free blog on Blogger, after that we will go to WordPress. Will learn to make a blog.

How to create a free blog on blogger?

Friends, you do not need anything to create a blog on this platform, if you are already an internet user, then your Gmail ID will be created, so that you can create your free blog on blogger, so let’s know.

Step 1. Go to blogger website – For this first you have to go to site for which you search or on google after which you will reach this site.

Step 2. Click on Create Your Blog – Here you have to click on “Create Your Blog”, after that a new page will open where you will have to login with Gmail Id, for which enter your Gmail Id and click on “Next”. . , After that enter his/her password and click on “Next” where you will be easily login.

Step 3. Enter the name of your blog – Here you have to enter the name of your blog, then enter the name with which you want to create a blog and click on Next

Step 4. Enter the URL name of your blog – Here you have to create the URL of your blog, then here write any name which you want to make URL, for example if I write my name here, it is telling that this name is not available. Means I have to make my URL with some other name like if I write any number in front of Saroj Kumar then it is telling that this URL is available. Similarly you have to change the name and see which name is available, you can create the same URL. So here choose a good name and enter what is available, then click on Next, after which you will be taken to the next page.

Step 5. Enter Your Name – Here you have to enter your Display Name which will be your name known as Blog Author or Arthur, you can write whatever name you want to have, after that click on “Finish” Do it. By doing this your blog will be created where some information about the blog will appear. Where there are three dots above, you will click on it, where many options of blog will appear from where you can manage this blog, while at the bottom there is an option of View Blog, by clicking on which you can see your blog. Now nothing will happen on this blog because now we have created this blog, now you have to design it and publish it by writing a blog post, then it will look good, then in this way you can create your blog on blogger.

For this you can download Android application from Google Play Store and you can create a blog very easily, and you can write articles anytime, anywhere.

How to create a blog on WordPress?

Friends, to create a WordPress blog, a Hosting and Domain is required, as I have told you before, so let’s first know about buying Hosting and Domain.

Step 1 Buy Domain and Hosting – At this time there are many Hosting Companies on the Internet that sell Hosting and Domain like – Hostinger, Bluehost, Greengeek, Hosting Mella…

Here you get the hosting of all the companies at different prices, some of which are cheap and some are very expensive. So my opinion is that you should buy hosting from Hostinger only, which will give you the best hosting in the lowest budget, where you can buy a single hosting for 2000 thousand and make a blog by buying .com domain for 800. Premium Hosting of Hostinger which is Rs 3300 in which you get Domain for free, on this blog you will get complete information about buying Hosting from Hostinger. This is the matter of buying Hosting and Domain, now let’s know how its blog is setup means how to make WordPress Blog.

Step 2. Setup WordPress Blog – Friends, if you have bought hosting of Hostinger’s premium plan, then you do not need to do much, just login to your hosting where you will see many such options. Here you have to install WordPress by clicking on Auto Installer option. Here you will first click on Auto Installer, after which some more options will open, here you have to select WordPress, after which some more options will open. Where you have to create User Name, create Password, select the database that has just been created from here and enter its password, your email ID will already be selected, after filling everything correctly, you have to click on Install below. By doing this your WordPress installation will start where it may take you 5 to 10 minutes, after which your WordPress will be installed, that means your WordPress blog has been created. Now you have to login to this blog to view or manage this blog. The easiest way to login to your WordPress blog is to type wp-admin in front of the domain name in the URL of your browser and press Enter. Here you can login by entering your User Name and Password. From here you can fully manage your blog, click View Blog at the top to see how your blog is going to appear.

How to make your blog a professional blog?

Friends, creating a blogger or WordPress blog does not complete the work of making your blog, to make this blog professional, it has to be designed well, all the essential things of the blog have to be added, so let us know that this What do you have to do to make the blog professional?

  1. First of all, you have to install a good theme on your blog, here there are different themes for WordPress and Blogger, which you can search and download.
  2. First of all, you have to install a good theme on your blog, here there are different themes for WordPress and Blogger, which you can search and download. In WordPress, you can install themes from the WordPress library itself.
  3. After applying theme on your blog, it has to be designed well and category has to be made. Categories can also be created while writing blog posts.
  4. You have to make at least four pages about us, contact us, disclaimer and privacy policy for your blog.
  5. You have to create an account on social media and add its link to your blog.
  6. Now write some blog posts and publish them on your blog.
  7. Your blog has to be added to Google Search Console and its Sitemap has to be added to Google Search Console, Sitemap will be automatically created in Blogger and WordPress.
  8. Blog has to be linked to Google Analytics for which you have to create Google Analytics account.

In this way, you can make your blog a professional blog, after which your blog starts looking very good, so let us now know about how to write a blog.

How to write a blog?

Friends, when your blog is completely built, then the most important thing is to write a blog, because only by writing this blog, you earn money from the blog, so let’s know how to write a blog.

  1. To write a blog, you must first login to your blog, then
  2. Now you have to go to the option of Blog Post where Add New Post or Pencil Icon appears to write Blog in both WordPress and Blogger on which you have to click.
  3. Now the complete option of writing a blog will come in front of you from where you can start writing blog posts.
  4. Here first of all you have to write the title of the blog post and below that you have to write the whole blog, whatever you want to write here write it.
  5. Now you have to put some Video and Image in this post, design the post well and publish the blog post by clicking on the option of Publish.

In this way you can easily write SEO Friendly Blog. When your same post gets ranked in Google, then traffic comes from there, which you can earn money by monetizing.

How to earn money from blog?

Friends, to earn money from blogging, first you have to bring traffic to your blog, when some users start coming to your blog, then you can earn money from this blog, but it takes some time, at least 2-3 months. After this you can start earning money from the blog. The best way to earn money from Blog is Google Adsense, for which you have to create its account and take Approval of Google Adsense, when you get Approval, then you can add it to Blog. After which ads start appearing on your blog where users see these ads and click on them, here you get paid for both viewing and clicking on ads. Apart from this, the second best way to earn money from the blog is Affiliate Marketing where you promote the product of a company and sell it, the company gives you commission according to the number of products sold.

Conclusion – How to create blog and earn money

So, friends, this was some important information about blog and about creating a blog, in which you know what is a blog and how to create Blog? In which we have told you in detail how to create a free blog on Blogger and how to create a blog by purchasing hosting and domain on WordPress. I hope that this information would have been very helpful for you, which you would have liked, with the help of which you can create your own blog and earn money from it. If you like this information then share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook, Linkedin, Quora and other social media. If you still have any questions or suggestions about what is a blog and how to make it, then you can write in the comments.

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