How long does it take for cookies to get deleted: Internet browser cookies

What is cookies– Friends, many times you must have seen that when you login to Facebook or Gmail for the first time, you have to write the user ID and password to login.

After this, if you login again, there is no need to write ID and password. You must have wondered why this happens?

Friends, this happens due to internet browser cookies and in today’s article we will learn about it in detail.

What is cookies – We have also used them unknowingly on the website. If you try to understand with an example, you can understand from Aamir Khan’s movie Ghajini. Just as Aamir Khan’s memories last for some time. And then the memories fade away. Cookies also work in the same way. Like you go to the website.

What is Cookies?

What did you see there, after setting the language, there is no need to write the email and password twice to login. Because cookies are a memory that Website But the activity done by you is saved in the browser. But its time interval is also fixed Cookies/Memories The size of the cookie to be erased is also specified (KB). Let us understand about these in detail.

A cookie is information stored on your computer by a website you visit. Internet cookies often store your settings for a website, such as your preferred language or location. When you return to the site, Firefox sends back the cookies that are associated with the site. This allows the site to be presented with information customized to your needs.

In short, Website Cookies are files in the form of data or information stored on our computers. Which is read only by the browser. Such as data settings on the site (data logged in, display settings, language, etc.). Internet Cookies also save our time.

What are Internet browser cookies?

As said above, website cookies can save our time. When browsing the internet. So the browser sends the cookie to that site. So if you visit a website, you do not need to do settings etc. provided you have already visited the site.

Good examples of website cookies are social media and online shopping websites.

When we open Facebook or other social networks and log in, after using we log out. And save time by not having to type email, password or language settings when logging in again. If you previously used Indian language settings, when we open Facebook, the language setting will remain in Indian.

How long does it take for cookies to get deleted?

How long does it take for cookies to get deleted, and what is their size in KB?

The cookie file size is also very small, not exceeding 4096 bytes (4KB) per visited website. There is a limit to the total number of cookies on the client’s hard disk. This number also varies by browser, but is usually limited to around three hundred cookies. If this number is exceeded, an old cookie will be deleted before a new one is created.

Cookies have an expiration date. This date has been set. If the expiration date is blank, the cookie will be deleted when the connection to the server is closed. This occurs when the user closes a site window or tab, or when the user closes the entire browser.

These cookies, sometimes called session cookies, are used to store mostly temporary settings.

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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small processes that are created by websites and save information stored in your browser. These cookies help your browser remember the same information the next time you visit the same website.

How long are cookies stored?

The validity period or time of cookies is determined by the website. If a cookie reaches its expiration date while still active, it is purged. This usually depends on the website’s annual policies or user regulations.

Do cookies affect my privacy?

Cookies are mostly non-persistent and non-essential and are used by websites to provide you with a better user experience. It is periodically reviewed for privacy issues to ensure that your personal information remains secure.

Can I turn off cookies?

Yes, your browser allows you to control cookies. You can validate, reject, or delete cookies by going to your browser’s settings. It is as per your choice and also has access as per your request from the website.

Can I delete cookies permanently?

Yes, you can delete cookies through the history and cookies tabs of your browser. You can also pre-set the settings in your browser as intended for the Site, which will result in clean cookies.

After reading this you will also learn to be happy always in life.

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