Guaranteed Method to Get Your Google AdSense Account Approved in 2024!

Learn How to Get Google AdSense Approval Now! Don’t Miss Out on This Exclusive Guide to Google AdSense Approval! In today’s time, the only problem in front of new bloggers is How To Get Google AdSense Approval.

Every blogger dreams of making money through their blog, and one of the biggest ways to do that is by using Google AdSense. However, getting approval from Google AdSense can be a challenging task, especially for new bloggers who are not familiar with the terms and conditions.

In such a situation, every time he applies for Adsense, his application is rejected and he is forced to buy an Adsense account or he stops working on the blog. For such people this is our article in which we will tell you what are the complete terms and conditions of “How to get Google AdSense account approved”. For this you read this post completely, you will definitely get AdSense Approval.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising network that shows ads on your blog or Youtube channel. It is a Google product that automatically shows ads for text, images and videos. All these big and small companies pay Google AdSense to show their ads. Now Google AdSense alone cannot create millions of websites where it shows ads, so it shows ads on your or our blog.

This is your blog then you will not take advertisement for free so Google AdSense works for you means company money goes to Google AdSense out of which you get some %. By now you must have understood what Google AdSense is, how it works, now let us also know how much money bloggers get.

A blogger gets paid for viewing ads and clicking on them, i.e. any user who comes to your blog, sees more ads and clicks on the ads, you get paid. Talking about CPC, it gets from $ 0.08 to $ 0.20 / cpc on one click. If we talk about watching ads, then you can get 1$ for watching at least 1000 ads. However, it varies from country to country. But you will definitely get at least this much.

Google Adsense shows Ads on Blog, Android Application, PC Software or Youtube Channel for which Blogger or Youtuber has to take Approval from Google AdSense which has some terms and conditions. In this way you must have understood what Google AdSense works and how to earn money from it.

How it worksGoogle AdSense is a free program that allows you to earn money by displaying ads on your website. Ads are matched to your site content and visitors, and you earn money when visitors click on the ads.
What you needTo get started with Google AdSense, you need a website or blog and a Google account.
How to sign upSign up for Google AdSense for free.
How to get paidYou can get paid by check, direct deposit, or wire transfer.
How much can you earn?The amount you can earn with Google AdSense depends on a number of factors, including the amount of traffic your website gets, the type of ads you display, and the click-through rate (CTR) of your ads.

What is Google AdSense approval?

Google Adsense Approval is a message from Google where your Blog is inspected whether the Blog is eligible for Google Adsense Approval or not, only then your Blog gets Approval, then you can use Google Adsense.

Here when you create Google Adsense Account, you have to connect this account to your Blog and submit it to get Approval, then Google Adsense Team inspects your Blog, then you get Approval.

Here all the work of Approve or Reject is done by the Google Adsense team itself, looks at your blog, looks at the quality of your blog, looks at the content, approves your blog only if everything is correct. So, whenever you send a request for approval, first of all you should pay attention to your blog whether it is correct or not, now you must have understood what is Google Adsense approval, so let us now know how Google Adsense Account approval get receive?

How to get Google AdSense account approval?

To get Google AdSense approval, your blog and blog content must be of good quality that can solve the reader’s problem, contain at least 20 unique articles, 4 important pages, correct language to get approval. According to the terms and conditions of Google AdSense, it is mandatory for the blog to be 6 months old in Google AdSense Approval Requirements to approve Adsense on the blog.

But I bought the domain in January and got my AdSense approval in February. I have got my blog approved in just 30 days. According to this, I think that the expired domain blog gets approval quickly.

While I have written only 18 articles on my blog and there is not much traffic on my blog, yet how I got approval, I will tell you today so that you too can get approval. To take Approval from Google AdSense, it matters how and what kind of blog you have created, so first of all you can read some ways to create a blog here.

Use Custom Domain

I made this blog about 4 to 5 years ago and left it on free blogger. Let me tell you that I bought this domain “” from “Google Domain” and setup Custom Domain on Free Blogger. If your blog is also on Blogspot, then first of all you should use Custom Domain on your blog because it gives Google Adsense Approval quickly on your blog. You can buy a good top level domain for few bucks from good websites like Godaddy, Hostinger etc. and add custom domain to your Blogspot blog. You always buy Top Level Domain like .com, .in, .org, .net, if you buy Free or Sub-Domain then your chances of getting Adsense Approved decreases. Ok google please explain what is web hosting examples: Which Hosting Provider is the Best for Your Website?

Create Important Pages

About, Contact, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Make sure to make at least these four pages in your blog, this increases the chances of getting Approval to a great extent and the user gets to know what the blog is about and what he will get. Even without these pages, many bloggers get Google Adsense Approve. It is a matter of their luck but you do not have to rely on luck. New bloggers also have some difficulty in making these pages, but for this also many types of websites are available, due to which your page will be made in few steps and approval is also available on it, I also made many pages from these websites.

Write High Quality Content

A lot depends on your Contents whether you will get Adsense Approval or not, even if your 1-2 articles are found copy paste in the eyes of Google, you cannot get Approval. For this, it is necessary that whatever article you write should be completely different from others and 100% unique. Now it comes to how many articles should be written so that approval can be easily obtained. So in this the words of the article also matter, if your article is of 500 words then 25-30 posts will be required to be written.

Use Unique Images

Whenever it comes to Google Adsense Approval, people think that if they download from website like Pixabay or Pexels then their image will be Unique and this is the mistake most people do. If a site like Pixabay or Pexels is giving you free and unique images, then it must be giving it to everyone, it simply means that the image you have downloaded from Pixabay or Pexels is already posted by someone on their blog. Click on the link of this website ( to check the unique image, now by giving the URL of your image there or by uploading the image, you can find out whether your image is unique or not. When your Image is Unique Image then you will not face any problem in “How to Approve Google AdSense”. Along with the image being unique here, it also matters how you are using the image in the blog, so for this you read this post, what is Image SEO, how to do it and how to use your image properly.

Choose the right language

Google Adsense does not support all languages, if you are in India then you can create blog in English, Hindi, Tamil and Urdu languages and get approval through Google Adsense. But if you create your blog in any other language (Hinglish or not proper) then you will not get Approval from Google Adsense. There is still a problem regarding the language of the blog, in which language Adsense Approval is available, so click here for more information. (

Responsive Blog Design Theme

Theme has an important role in Blog Design, for this it is important that you use a good theme which is Responsive, User Friendly and Mobile Friendly. How can you check whether your theme is Responsive or not, for this you will click on this link, ( then you will reach a website, there you will search the URL of your blog, then you can see that How your blog looks on every device. Along with using a good theme, it also needs to be well customized, such as creating a favicon and logo for the blog, adding all the features of the blog, setting up the menu properly, etc. The design of the blog is not good, due to this also approval is not available. That’s why I always recommend making a blog on WordPress because there are many options to customize the blog in WordPress which are not there in Free Blogger. That’s why WordPress bloggers get quick approval.

Create accounts for your blog on social media accounts that you know about, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, be sure to create an account for that and put a link to it on your blog. This will also benefit you in many ways, any user visiting your blog can also connect with you through your social media and you get a lot of traffic from social media. With this, the design of your blog becomes good in the eyes of Google, which increases the chances of getting Google Adsense Approval.

Google Adsense Approval Tricks and Tips?

Friends, if you are going to create a Google Adsense account, then first of all fulfill all the terms and conditions mentioned above, only then create a Google Adsense account, so let us now know some Google Adsense Approval Trick 2023.

Many times it happens that if you have more than one Gmail ID. Like in my case there are four gmail ids and one id is approved by adsense. And whenever i try to get adsense approval from second eid. A message from Google appears “You are already using an Adsense account, delete the previous one to create a new one”. This is probably from using on the same device or using the same mobile number.

1️⃣If you are less than 18 years of age, do not create an AdSense account in your name, in such a situation, you can create it in the name of any member of your family whose age is more than 18 years. And must have PAN card.

2️⃣Do not enter any wrong information while creating Google AdSense Account, Google definitely checks this thing, due to which there is a problem in getting your Approval and there is also a problem in getting the money earned after Approval.

3️⃣Always write posts on new and latest topics for your blog, 15 posts of 1500 words are enough for Adsense approval.

4️⃣Do not forget to put necessary page, contact, disclaimer and privacy policy about your blog and also give correct information in the page.

5️⃣Don’t worry about traffic on your blog, no matter how much traffic is there, you can apply even if there is 0 traffic. But write quality content so that traffic comes.

6️⃣After applying Google Adsense, do not leave your blog like this, keep writing some post everyday and keep posting on your blog.

7️⃣Before applying Google Adsense, do not forget to read the terms and conditions of Adsense as they always keep changing.

So these were some of the ways “How to get Google AdSense Account Approved Tricks and Tips” by following which you can easily get Approval.

How to create Google Adsense account?

To get Google AdSense Approval it is also important that how you apply for Google AdSense because if you do not apply properly then also you will not get Google AdSense and it will be rejected. So let us now know how to apply for Google AdSense and what you have to do for this.

Step 1. First of all you have to go to Google Adsense website for which you search Google AdSense in Google or click on this link.

Step 2. As soon as you click on this link, you will be asked to sign in, then select the email id with which you want to sign in. Your sign in will be complete, now you have to apply.

Step 3. As soon as your sign in is complete, some options will open in front of you which you have to fill.

  • First of all you have to enter the URL of your blog, here you have to enter your domain name without https:// like my blog URL is “; so I just want “”.
  • Below this, you have to enter your email ID from which your blog has been created, if you are creating an Adsense account for free blogger, then here you have to enter the ID from which the blog has been created. If your blog is on WordPress then you can enter any Gmail ID.
  • Now below this in Get Helpful you will see two options in which first one is Yes, select Send Me option and click on “Save And Continue” option given below.

Step 4. As soon as you do this, a new page opens in front of you, in which you have to give your payment address details, where you have to fill some options.

  • Account Type – Select Individual in this
  • Name and Address – Enter your name and address here, note that if you already have another AdSense account, you will need to provide another name and address here as a person can create only one AdSense account.
  • City – In this you have to mention the name of your city.
  • Postal Code – In this you have to give the pincode of your city.
  • State – Select your state in the state you are from.
  • Phone Number – In this you have to give your mobile number, if you already have another Adsense account then you have to give another mobile number here. After filling everything correctly, you have to click on the “Submit” option given below.

How to apply for Google AdSense?

After doing this, now you will get a code and the option of Done will appear below it, first of all you have to copy this code and paste it just below the opening in your blog’s theme and save it. Now click on the given Done option. By doing this you apply for Google Adsense where you have to wait for 2 weeks to get approval. Although it is known even in 24 hours, but due to some reason the approval is not received, then one has to wait for 2 weeks.

Is it easy to get Google Adsense approval?

Friends, it is a bit difficult to say whether it is easy or difficult to get Google Adsense Approval because it is easy for those who get WordPress or Blogger Adsense Approval and it is difficult for those who do not get it. Now you will say what happened for which there is no definite answer so let me give you two examples from my blog so that you can understand what I want to say.

This blog of mine on which you are reading the post that how to get Google Adsense Approved, Google Adsense Approve has been found on only 18 of my posts on this blog. Now also know how this post was, all these posts were of biography which was not written before anywhere on the internet. Biography of Youtuber and Instagram Creator. On which I have easily got Approval and because of this I have also created another blog on which I have not got Approval till date, know a little bit about that blog too.

My second blog is on Tech Niche which is only related to Blogging which has more than 30 posts and no post is less than 600 words. Some posts are more than 2000 words in which I have written a post explaining my blogging learning experience and after checking all the posts for Plagiarism from Small Seo Tools website I have published that post in which even 1% Plagiarism Not there. But Google Adsense has rejected it many times, now if I tell you the reason for rejection, you will laugh, Low Well Content, Privacy Policy Problem. Comparing these two sites, I get the same result that once Google Adsense is rejected on the site, as many times as you send it for Approval, it will continue to be rejected.

In my view, there is only one solution for this that if your Google Adsense has been rejected once, do not apply immediately for the second time, apply after waiting for at least 1 to 2 months. In this 1 to 2 months, you should try to take Approval of other Ads network because apart from this there are many Ads Networks whose Approval you will get easily. Like after getting rejected thrice, I did not apply again and I deleted that blog. My reason for deleting was that I was not giving time to him. So that I can write High Quality Content. But if you want, you can apply again by writing content on the latest topic.

How to increase AdSense earnings?

AdSense dashboard screenshot
ClicksThe number of times users clicked on your ads.
ImpressionsThe number of times your ads were displayed.
CTR (Click-Through Rate)The percentage of impressions that resulted in clicks.
CPC (Cost-Per-Click)The average amount you earn per click on your ads.
CPM (Cost-Per-Mille)The average amount you earn per 1,000 impressions of your ads.
EarningsThe total amount of money you have earned from your ads.
Page ViewsThe number of times users viewed a page on your website.
Unique Page ViewsThe number of unique users who viewed a page on your website.
Average Time on PageThe average amount of time users spent viewing a page on your website.
Bounce RateThe percentage of users who left your website without viewing another page.

Here are some tips for increasing your AdSense earnings:

  • Choose high-quality ad units. AdSense offers a variety of ad units, including display ads, text ads, and video ads. Choose ad units that are relevant to your website or blog content and that are likely to be clicked by your visitors.
  • Place your ad units in high-visibility areas. Place your ad units in areas where your visitors are most likely to see them. For example, you could place ad units above the fold, on the sidebar, or at the bottom of your posts.
  • Optimize your website or blog for AdSense. There are a number of things you can do to optimize your website or blog for AdSense, such as using relevant keywords, writing high-quality content, and promoting your website or blog on social media.

Conclusion – How To Get Google AdSense Approved

If you have created your blog by following all these methods to get approval from Google Adsense, then I assure you that your blog will get approval of Adsense. Now you must have understood that “How to get Google AdSense Account Approval”, I hope you find this post helpful, if still your Adsense Approval is not done, then tell us the problem by writing the name of your website in the comment, your There will definitely be a solution to the problem. If you liked this post WordPress and Blogger Adsense Approval, then share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media.

How to get Google AdSense account approved with Blogger?

Friends, there is only one way to approve Google AdSense on both Blogger and WordPress, which I have told in this post.

How much traffic is required for Google AdSense Approval?

Traffic doesn’t matter in Google AdSense Approval, you can get Google AdSense Approval even at 0 Traffic.

When does Google pay Adsense?

Payment is received only when $ 100 is completed in your Google Adsense Account, whose time is 20 to 25 days.

What are the terms and conditions of Google Adsense?

Friends, the terms and conditions of Google Adsense are always changing and Google reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, which can change anytime without any notice, information about which can be found from the official website or support page of Google Adsense.

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