Delta Flight Drama: Singer Bobbi Storm Almost Booted for Belting Out Gospel Song!

Grammy-Nominated Bobbi Storm’s Controversial In-Flight Performance Sparks Debate! Bobbi Storm is a gospel singer who had an incident on a Delta flight. She was almost removed from the flight.

Bobbi Storm was nominated for two Grammy Awards. However, that’s not why she made headlines over the weekend. On Saturday, she shared a video on Instagram that showed a confrontation between her and a Delta Air Lines crew member during a recent flight.

According to the video, Storm was singing her new gospel song, “We Can’t Forget Him,” on the flight. The crew member asked her to be quiet and threatened to remove her from the flight. Delta Air Lines has been in touch with Storm and emphasized the importance of following crew instructions for everyone’s safety.

Storm confirmed that Delta Air Lines reached out in a follow-up video on Saturday. She added that she didn’t want the crew member to face any consequences for the interaction. In the video, Storm emphasized the importance of treating each other with respect. Since she posted the video, it has received over 21,000 likes and sparked a debate about behavior on flights.

Storm, real name Stefanee Morrison, is a singer-songwriter from Michigan.

According to Storm’s IMDb page she was born in June 1987 and is from Detroit. She signed a production deal with Songbook Entertainment, but it’s uncertain if she is still affiliated with the label. Her bio also mentions her collaboration with Makeba Riddick Woods, a songwriter and producer known for her work on popular hits like Eminem and Rihanna’s 2010 single, “Love the Way You Lie.”

She released her first single, ‘Poor Dat,’ in August 2017

After her first single “Poor Dat,” Storm released another single called “Lazy Love” in July 2018. Recently, in September 2023, she dropped a new song called “We Can’t Forget Him.” According to Storm’s IMDb biography, she was a member of a group called the “trap choir” and performed with 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane while they were promoting their single “Good Drank” in 2017. Storm has also appeared on the Fox series “Star” and performed at Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball in 2005.

Storm received 2 Grammy nominations for her collaboration with Maverick City Music

Maverick City Music, a Christian singing group, was nominated for best gospel album and best contemporary Christian music performance/song.

Storm is a featured singer on Maverick City Music’s latest album, “The Maverick Way Complete.” She performs on the songs “Nobody Greater” and “Firm Foundation (He’s Gonna Make a Way).”

Storm was really happy about the news and shared it on Instagram. She thanked Maverick City Music for including her in their album and expressed her gratitude for experiencing her first Grammy nomination with them.

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