Deep Web TOR Browser: Will using the Tor browser keep my Windows computer safe?

After all, what is Deep Web TOR Browser? Can using it lead to jail? – You may have already heard the term Deep Web on the Internet. Some of you are hacker friends who already know about Deep Web. Many people who don’t really know about the Deep Web think that if they go to the Deep Web, the law will arrest them and they will go to jail. So today I will clear all your misconceptions about Deep Web. So let us know that What is Deep Web TOR Browser?

What is Deep Web?

Of all the pages available on the Internet in the world, only 4% of the total web pages are in the surface web or public web. WWW The content is available through search engines like Google. Whereas about 96% is Deep Web. Some content of Deep Web is password protected.

Why is 96% content in Deep Web?

This is because search engines like Google .onion Does not index websites. In Deep Web, the data is not on any single page, but is in the database, so that the search engine can .onion Like it becomes difficult to index websites.

The Deep Web is made up of peer-to-peer connections, like TOR, which allows users to share files directly and anonymously. Some people also call Deep Web as Secret Web, Hidden Web, Dark Web or Dark Net.

Who Website Promotes any illegal activities. You should build your sites in Surface Web to get more visitors and increase income.

What types of websites are there in Deep Web?

Deep Web All types of illegal activities are involved in Deep Web like:

  • Drugs/Marijuana/Cocaine
  • arms trade
  • child pornography
  • hit men for hire

There are two types of people who use Deep Web. The first is one who needs to protect their identity. Second one who is doing illegal work. Also — military, police and crime units, journalists. ,

Can use of Deep Web lead to jail?

Not if you are visiting Deep Web websites. But if you are making an illegal transaction in the Deep Web using your real identity, you will be arrested. So be careful, if you do not want to go to jail then follow the rules of the law.

Are Deep Web users safe?

Your physical location is secure, no one will know where you are. But your real identity is not safe in Deep Web, so you use your fake identity here.

Important information you should know. To prevent black-hat intrusion hackers from getting into your system. The website’s JavaScript tracking must be disabled. Note: Never download and install files from the Deep Web. Be aware of keyloggers and viruses!

How to do business in Deep Web?

In purchasing or paying for services in the Deep Web, you can use Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin allows users to conduct business transactions anonymously. This has allowed some users of the currency to engage in illegal activity. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that uses an encrypted peer-to-peer system.

How to access Deep Web?

Tor Browser is a free browser that Can be downloaded from. It is commonly used by hackers, due to the anonymity feature of Tor browser. The encryption method used by Tor network is very strong, even NSA (National Security Agency) cannot crack it. Is.

How to install TOR Browser?

You will need to download Tor browser first. It is available for both computer and mobile. Go to this website and after downloading it, install it. To install in mobile, you can download it directly from Google Play Store.

Accessing the Deep Web becomes easy through Tor Browser/Tor Network. You can find 96% of the content in the Deep Web that is not indexed by normal search engines.

What is TOR Browser?

Tor is a free software and an open network. It does not track you, does not follow legal rules like who you are, where you are from, what kind of work you are doing, etc. Which may threaten personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

TOR is run by volunteers around the world. This prevents someone from seeing your Internet connection to see which sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from knowing your physical location.

How does the TOR network work?

When a person visits a website through the TOR network, it takes a random path through other people’s computers to get to that website. This means that the website does not know who you are and the ISP does not know what you are viewing.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser Use is not your real IP address but it is of another location. Like Tor Browser tells me that I abcd in place, but I really India I am. You can find out your location by using the website that provides IP address.

Tor browser actually gives you an anonymous connection while surfing the internet, so by using Tor browser you can avoid being tracked by hackers, government or anyone.

What is Tor Browser?

Tor Browser is a free and open source web browser that provides privacy and IP address protection to approximate physical location. It uses special technology to anonymize users’ Internet activities and keep communications confidential. Joe Burrow had to leave the game due to a wrist injury.

How does Tor Browser work?

The Tor browser works through the Tor network, which is located on many computers. When a user opens a website using the Tor browser, their traffic is encrypted and encrypted. Due to this, the website does not get information about the user’s real IP address or activities.

Will I know my real IP address by using Tor browser?

No, using Tor browser will keep your real IP address hidden. Because the Tor browser encrypts IP traffic and through other computers, your true identity remains hidden.

How does Tor Browser protect my privacy?

The Tor browser routes your traffic through qualified proxy servers to predictable routes to protect your privacy. Due to this, it protects information about IP addresses, activities, and sessions.

Is Tor Browser completely secure?

The Tor browser has many technical safeguards for privacy and security, but please note that no browser is completely secure. To protect your privacy, you should follow the security instructions and remain alert.

Can I modify my web pages using the Tor browser?

No, you cannot modify your web pages using the Tor browser. The Tor browser is meant to provide users with privacy and security of approximate physical location, but it does not help in opening access to public sites on the Internet.

Is Tor browser only for illegal activities?

No, Tor browser is not only for illegal activities. It is designed to protect the privacy of people’s Internet activities. If your Internet connection should not be tampered with, or you do not want to reveal your real IP address or activities, you can use the Tor browser.

Does Tor Browser really provide privacy?

Yes, Tor browser indeed provides privacy. This prevents other people from knowing your Internet activities and IP address. Using the Tor browser allows you to keep your online activities private and secure your personal information.

Can using Tor browser get me jailed for any operation?

Using the Tor browser does not put you at risk of being jailed for any operation. However, if you engage in illegal activities using the Tor browser, you are violating the rules and can be arrested. Please follow legal activities and be careful.

How should I install Tor Browser?

To install Tor browser, you need to official website You will have to go to and download it. There you need to choose the appropriate version, and then follow the installation process.

Will using the Tor browser keep my Windows computer safe?

Using the Tor browser will keep your computer safe, but please note that the Tor browser is only a browser and cannot have complete control over your computer and your data. Stay alert to other security tasks and questionable sites, and keep your computer’s other security content up to date.

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