Converting Normal Inverter to Solar Inverter

Difference between Electric inverter and Solar inverter, How to convert Normal Inverter to Solar Inverter in Hindi. – We will read the difference between Electric inverter and Solar inverter in this article.

Furthermore, we inverter We will also know the main things related to. Like – how does an inverter work? Which inverter should be installed at home, how to convert normal inverter into solar inverter?

Converting Normal Inverter to Solar Inverter

How does an inverter work? The inverter converts the AC supply to DC supply, after which it stores the DC current in the battery. And later whenever our home power supply is disconnected, this inverter converts the DC supply to AC in our battery. With the help of which we are able to operate our equipment.

Functions of Electric inverter.

converter- The function of the converter inside the electric inverter is to convert the AC supply into DC supply. Then the DC current from the converter goes to the charger, this charger is connected to the battery.

Charger- The charger charges the battery, and after the battery is fully charged it cuts off the supply. So that the battery remains safe.

inverter- Whenever the AC supply of the house is disconnected, the inverter converts the DC supply from the charged battery into AC and the electrical appliances of the house start working.

How Solar Inverter Works

There are 3 functions inside an electric inverter, similarly we get 5 functions in solar. Converter, Charger, Inverter – All solar inverters also have three functions like normal inverters.

But we get 2 more functions inside the solar inverter. And due to which, the price of solar inverter is higher than the normal inverter.

Blocker )- If you install a solar panel in your home, your inverter must have this Blocker function. Blocker function prevents the electricity stored in the battery from going to the solar panel, so that the electricity stored in the battery is not consumed by the solar panel.

Charger Controller )- Charger controller function is not found in normal inverters. As we all know that solar panel never provides us electricity for 24 hours. It gives us DC current only when it is in sunlight.

Meaning, Solar Panel Electricity is never available in uniform form. Like – more during the day, less in the evening, completely closed at night. This may cause harm. Because we all know that while charging the battery we have to keep the charging speed correct. So that the battery does not get damaged.

So the charger controller controls the power from the solar plate and charges the battery at a certain speed. Which keeps the battery life good.

Which inverter to use at home

A normal inverter can only be used to charge the battery. But cannot use it with solar panels.

Solar inverter can be used for both general use and solar panels.

If you are thinking of getting a solar plate at home after some time, then you should already install a solar inverter.

The price of a normal inverter is slightly less than a solar inverter. Say Goodbye to High Energy Bills with the Off Grid Solar Solution!

How to convert electric inverter to solar inverter?

If you already have a normal inverter at home, and you want to convert it into a solar inverter. So for this you will have to buy a solar charger controller from the market and connect it to your normal inverter.

There are two types of solar charger controllers available in the market. There are 2 types of solar charger controller available in the market.

  1. pwm solar charger Made of old technology, due to which it consumes some electricity unnecessarily. Its efficiency is said to be up to 70%.
  2. MPPT solar charger Doesn’t waste your power unnecessarily. Its efficiency is said to be 90 to 96%, which will be more beneficial for us.

My opinion to you is that MPPT solar charger should be installed in your home.

What is solar inverter?

Solar inverters are used to convert solar energy into single surface appliances. It chooses from the following: converting DC energy generated by solar panels from a single surface into AC energy, converting energy stored in batteries into AC energy for DC systems, for staging with the electric power grid. is used to.

What are the types of solar inverters under discussion?

There are different types of solar inverters, some of the major types are:

  • On-grid inverter: It is connected to the electricity grid and works with the environment to produce and store electricity.
  • Off-grid inverter: It works only on battery system and is independent from the electricity grid.
  • Hybrid Inverter: It switches automatically with the electricity grid and uses power from batteries or solar panels.
  • Microinverter: This is an integrated inverter with every single surface solar panel instead of an external inverter.

What are the important things to consider when choosing a solar inverter?

Some important factors include:

  • Evaluate electricity collection and usage requirements.
  • Select the inverter as per the capacity of the inverter and the demand of the business use.
  • Choose a precision oscillation system with the ability to vary grid voltage levels from medium to very high.
  • Check the quality, lifespan and reputation of the inverter.

How to maintain solar inverter?

Keep the following things in mind for the maintenance of solar inverter:

  • Please try the update under construction for regular updates.
  • Protect the inverter from rain, sunlight, water at night and harsh sunlight.
  • Make sure air conditioning and ventilation are working properly.
  • Contact yourself with minimum number of people and follow performance related information.

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