Air Pollution Face Mask N95 and N99: How to clean the mask?

Air pollution levels have increased in many cities of India. ,Air Pollution Face Mask N95) Currently, the only way people can prevent this pollution is through face masks. Therefore, from this article we will know how to choose right face mask in Hindi. Read the article till the end to understand.

The air quality in the areas around Delhi has deteriorated so much that there is pollution 15 times more than the dangerous level. In such a situation, people have started facing problems like difficulty in breathing, headache, cough and watery eyes.

Changes in the Earth’s climate at the global and regional level remain a matter of concern. These changes are taking place due to the upheavals occurring within the earth and also due to the inhabitants of the earth, which have an adverse effect on the climate. In fact, the earth is getting warmer due to massive and uncontrolled emissions of greenhouse gases, which is known as global warming.

The reason for this is the polluting smoke coming out of the chimneys of big mills and factories. This is damaging the Earth’s ozone layer. This uncontrolled emission of greenhouse gases has engulfed the entire world and is becoming a serious problem for life on earth.

We do not have control over the events within the earth, but we can control such activities which are within our control. Many efforts have been made at the financial level to find concrete solutions to this serious threat. Among these, it is among the 20 most polluting countries. Control greenhouse gases. Agree on measures to meet future energy needs. Prepare an action plan to control climate change and reduce the emissions of these gases. It involves making long-term strategies between developed and developing countries.

Apart from all these efforts, scientists are also engaged in developing such technologies at their level which will reduce this danger, which includes developing such technology in which harmful gases will be converted into liquid form and pressed in special storage houses built under the ground. Effort is better in its place. To prevent disease, it is necessary that if the emission of these harmful gases cannot be eliminated completely, then at least their quantity should be minimized so that their ill effects can be limited.

N95 and N99 Face Mask
N95 and N99 Face Mask

Anti Pollution Face Mask N95

Masks are capable of preventing airborne pollution particles to a great extent, but it is very important to choose the right mask. In view of pollution, a lot of masks have started appearing in the market, but many of them fail to provide you with complete protection from air pollution. Therefore, we are telling you some tips which will help you in choosing the right mask while buying a mask to avoid pollution.

N99 Face Mask

Usually, a special number is written on anti-pollution face masks, which shows that these facemasks are capable of preventing pollution. You will always get 99 to 99.9% air. PM 2.5 particles To prevent this, one should buy a face mask marked N99 or N100.

If you buy or wear masks with normal clothes, they do not provide you protection from this pollution. However, even N99 and N100 masks do not protect you from oil-based pollution. These face masks cost a lot. National Press Day: The Day We Celebrate the People Who Hold the Powerful Accountable

N95 Face Mask

N95 face masks are relatively cheap, so they are easily available in the market. These are face masks that are capable of blocking up to 95% of PM 0.3 to PM 2.5 particles. If there is a lot of pollution, these face masks provide less protection. But if you are unable to buy very expensive masks, then definitely buy these masks so that at least 95% of pollution can be prevented.

This face mask is best for people who feel uncomfortable wearing a fully closed mask. If you have trouble breathing or you feel very uncomfortable breathing very little air, then you should buy N95 Aura Face Mask. This mask has a small respirator, which helps you breathe.

Guide to buying Face Mask

Due to pollution, the risk of respiratory and lung diseases and many cancers has increased significantly in people who breathe in open air. If you want to buy the right face mask to avoid pollution, then it is very important for you to keep these things in mind.

  • When purchasing a mask, buy one with a rating of at least N95. A mask with a lower rating will not give you full protection.
  • Buy a mask according to your face shape. If you wear a loose mask, outside air will reach your lungs and you will not get any benefit from wearing the mask. Masks are available in many sizes in the market.
  • Make sure you are able to breathe properly while wearing it. If you are uncomfortable, purchase a mask with a respirator.
  • Not all masks provide long-term protection, so be sure to check if your mask is reusable or has any legality for using it.
  • If you want to use a regular mask, choose one that can be washed.

If you want to choose the right face mask to protect from pollution, then it is very important to keep these things in mind along with the quality of the mask.

a women wearing face mask
a women wearing face mask

Which diseases are caused by air pollution?

Itching or burning eyes.
Cold, cough, throat infection.

Preventive Measures Preventive Measures

Jaggery or honey increases immunity, which can prevent many diseases, including smog (pollution).
Grind black pepper and make powder, add a little black pepper powder to 1 spoon honey and eat it to clean the lungs and reduce the effect of pollution.
Leave the house only wearing a face mask and do not touch the mask again and again.
Go out wearing glasses.
When you return home, wash your hands and face thoroughly, rinse with warm water and drink 1 glass of lukewarm water.

Which face masks are useful to prevent pollution?

Yes, N95, N99 and N100 face masks help in protecting from pollution. The particles of pollutants present in the air can be prevented by these masks.

How to wear a mask and for how long?

Wear the mask carefully and safely, checking that it covers your face properly. You will need to wear a new mask every time you are outdoors.

Can masks be fake?

Yes, fake and unrecognized masks may be available in some stores and online platforms. Buy masks of verified and certified brands only.

How to clean the mask?

Once used, remove the mask carefully and do not consider breaking it. Wash or sanitize hands, and cover the mask securely and place it in an empty space.

What is the price of the mask and where to buy it online?

The price of masks will depend on different brands, types and quality. You can purchase masks from the online store of your choice or from leading industry associations.

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