10 Mind-Blowing Blogging topic ideas, It Might Just Make You Famous Overnight!

10 Mind-Blowing Secrets to Instantly Boost Your Blog Traffic! Top 10 Blogging Topic Ideas for 2024 Choose a topic that you are passionate about and that resonates with your target audience. Happy blogging!

In today’s time, many people have understood what blogging is and how to earn money from it. As a result, new blogs are being created every day as people start blogging. However, some individuals have doubts about which topic they should choose for their blogs.

  1. Apps Review: Write about your experiences and opinions on various mobile or web applications.
  2. Product Review: Share your thoughts and feedback on different products and services.
  3. Earn Money: Provide tips, tricks, and strategies for making money online or starting a side hustle.
  4. Blogging: Share your knowledge and experiences as a blogger, including tips for growing an audience and monetizing your blog.
  5. News Site: Create a platform to share news and updates on a specific niche or industry.
  6. Recipe Blog: Share delicious recipes, cooking techniques, and food-related tips with your readers.
  7. Health Blog: Inform and educate your audience about health and wellness topics, including healthy habits, nutrition, and exercise.
  8. Job Site: Help job seekers by providing job listings, resume tips, and career advice.
  9. Crypto: Discuss cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and investment strategies related to the crypto market.
  10. Finance: Share insights and tips on personal finance, budgeting, investing, and saving money.

Before starting a blog, you need to choose a blog topic. This is the subject you will write about on your blog. In today’s time, there are many blog topic ideas available, and it can be confusing to decide which topic to choose. Many people are unsure about which topic they should pick for their blog because there are so many options. However, most experienced bloggers will tell you to choose a topic that you are interested in and have knowledge about. For example, if you love cooking, it would be a good idea to write a blog about cooking. The key is to choose a blogging topic that aligns with your interests and expertise.

On which topic should you make a blog?

So in today’s post, we will know the answers to all these questions, Top 10 Blogging Topics Ideas, which can be the best Blogging Topic in today’s time, by reading which you can understand on which topics you should make a blog. So if you are also thinking of making a blog and you do not understand on which topic the blog should be made? So read this post completely where top 10 blogging topic ideas which can be more good for you.

Friends, before knowing on which topic to make a blog, we know what is a blog topic, when you start a blog, then what you are going to write on that blog, you have to decide in advance and this action is called blogging topic. Or it is called Selecting or Deselecting Niche because Blogging only means giving information about a subject in the form of text and it is called Blogging Topics. For example, you must have seen many such blogs on the Internet which are made on the same subject, which give information about that subject only.

In blogging, thousands of similar topics can be of different categories like cooking, gaming, technology, earning money etc. By the way, if you want, you can create a blog by selecting all these topics on the same blog. Today there are many popular blogs which are Multiple Niche Blogs. Mine on which you are reading the post also comes in this category. But blogger experts believe that working on a Niche Blogging Topics is considered good and in today’s time Google gives more importance to this thing which is considered very good for ranking in Google.

Top 10 Blogging Topic Ideas

Friends, as blogger experts say, you should make a blog on the topic that interests you or the work that you can do best, but before choosing such a topic, you have to see how many people are there for that topic. Whether the topic will solve someone’s problem or not. Because if you are interested in something that no one likes then that blog topic is of no use, secondly if the interest is in a topic where a lot of people like that topic and there is already a blog on that topic Many blogs have been created, even then this topic will not be right for you.

You have to choose one of these two where there are not many users because the topic which will be liked by more people will have more competition and it is certain that there will already be many blogs on that topic. You can also choose a high competition topic if you are more sure that you will be able to work on that topic and get your keywords ranked in Google. For example today if you choose blogging topic then there will be keywords or blog posts like how to make blog, how to earn money from blog, what is blogging etc., on which it will not be easy to rank your blog.

That’s why you have to choose a subject whose competition is medium, you can succeed in it. Friends, in earlier times, people used to choose any topic and make a blog on it, which also became successful because at that time there were less blogs, there was less competition. But in today’s time it is not possible. So let us now know about Top 10 Blogging Topics Ideas, on which topic you should make your blog? On which you can start blogging in today’s time and get success in which your earning will also be good.

1️⃣Apps Review

Friends, Apps Review is also one of the best Blogging Topics of today’s time, where you can write Apps Review by creating a blog about Apps, although this topic is also not so easy, but new apps keep coming on Playstore everyday. About whom no blogger has written till date. Here this topic becomes easy where you can easily rank by writing about that new app on your blog.

And anyway when you work on a Niche where some of your keywords start getting ranked then there are chances of getting high competition keyword rank, according to my search on the internet, there are not many blogs writing apps reviews. Although there are some high competition keywords as well, you can start by doing some low competition keyword research. If we talk about earning, then in this topic you will get better Cpc than Google AdSense, there is a chance of getting Sponsored Post, here you can do Paid promotion of any app and you can also earn money by referring these apps.

2️⃣Product reviews

Friends, today’s time has become a digital era where most people are buying products online, but before buying a product, people want to know about that product, what is special about that product, how is that product. It is called a kind of Affiliate Blog, where only information about the product is given, although this Blogging Topic is also not so easy because Affiliate Marketing is the only way from where bloggers earn the most money. But it is also like an app where new products come in the market everyday, on which one can start blogging and rank their blog posts, for this you can choose any small category.

Like you will write only about toys or only about clothes or you can write only about book which book is best and why it is best these type of blogs are very much seen on internet nowadays. In this blog topic, your earning will also be maximum because you can give affiliate link of the product, about which you will tell people from where people will buy the product and you will get commission. You can also earn money on this blog by taking Google Adsense Approval, apart from this you will be able to earn money from this blog in many ways.

3️⃣Make money

Friends, today the biggest problem of people all over the world is how to earn money. There can be no other blogging topic bigger than this, friends, if the blog topic is so big, then it is obvious that its competition will also be big. But all over the world people have problem to earn money, so ways to earn money also become new every day, some time ago there were no ways to earn money from internet, today there are so many ways that even though the whole world does, no less work. Apart from this, there are many ways to earn money offline.

You can start blogging on this, where you can make a business to earn money, there are lots of online and offline business. Here you can select a small category like how to earn money from App, how to earn money from Youtube, how to earn money in village, there can be many topics out of which you can choose any one, in this you will also get Google Adsense. Goes to get good CPC. There are many other ways to earn money from this blog.


Friends, blogging is also a very big topic in itself, which is also very difficult, especially for those who specialize in blogging, new bloggers are not able to succeed very quickly in this subject because they themselves are starting to learn blogging. What will he teach others. But here we are talking about Top 10 Blogging Topics Ideas, so how can we leave Blogging, which is not only a huge Blogging Topic, but this Topic gets the most CPC, ie Google Adsense earns the most.

If you go to the site of Google Adsense yourself, then Google itself has told that you will get the highest CPC on this Niche. No matter how much competition is there in this subject or it is difficult to work in it, but even today many people have created a blog on this Niche and are able to work in it, if you also want to start a blog on this subject, then a good Will need to write blog post, if you can write a good blog post then you can work in that even if you don’t get instant result but after few days you can get a good result.

5️⃣News site

Friends, News is also a very big Blog Topic, where you get the most traffic, but there is only one problem in making a News Site, for this you will need a team, in this you cannot succeed by working alone, here Most of the news is going to be published to you. who cannot be alone. So if you have a team then you can choose this blog topic and make a blog on it where you must first cover the news around you because if you cover big news then rank on it Won’t be easy.

Because there are already huge sites for news like Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran etc., which is not easy at all, but you can start a blog by covering the news around you, which will be very easy for you. As your site gets older, you can also write about big news. Although you can get a little less CPC on News Site, but if you get more traffic here, then CPC will be covered and you can earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing, apart from this there can be many other ways to earn money.

6️⃣Recipe blog

If you are a woman then this blog topic can be best for you because women can be expert in writing recipes as they have full knowledge about it who have become expert by learning cooking since childhood. You can write about cooking by making a blog on this Niche, where you will get the most traffic because the number of women reading it is in crores, although this blog topic is also not going to be so easy, but search less keywords. work can be done. Or if you know how to cook something different and good, then it will be even better for you, in this blog topic also you can do Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing because cooking requires a lot of things. So from here your earning from Affiliate Marketing will be strong because the stuff that comes is absolutely necessary for cooking.

7️⃣Health blog

Friends, if you are thinking on which topic to make a blog, then this topic is a part of everyone’s life, because today everyone has some or the other health problem, so you will get more and more users in this topic. In this Topic, you will also get better Cpc than Google Adsense, as well as whatever health problem you solve, you can earn well from Affiliate Marketing by selling medicines or something like that, although this Blog Topic will also not be easy. And it will not be for everyone, only those people can be successful in this subject, who have good knowledge of health, especially doctors, because you cannot prescribe such a medicine to someone, which will make health worse instead of getting better. Where you can have a huge loss, in such a situation your blog can be banned completely or can be removed from the search engine.


Friends money is one thing which is lacking by everyone whether it is rich person or poor person and most of the people look for government job to earn money so there is lot of scope in this blog topic where you will get very good traffic. You can create a blog on jobs, in which you can tell about good private jobs along with government jobs. In today’s time, there are many such job sites where traffic comes in lakhs, due to which bloggers earn a lot from Google Adsense only. Government jobs keep coming out here continuously, just you have to pay attention that when this job comes out, you will have to take complete information about it and give detailed information about it. Similarly, many private jobs also keep coming, you have to be absolutely ready for this blog topic, as soon as the job comes out, first of all you have to write a post and publish it on your blog, only then you can bring maximum traffic.


Friends, at this time this blog topic is very much discussed, although nowadays there are very few people who invest in crypto, but in the coming time many people will come in it, where you are likely to get a lot of traffic. In today’s time, there will be 2 or 4% people investing in crypto, if seen in foreign countries, people invest 70% in crypto, very soon a time will come in India too when more than 50% people will invest, so think How much traffic will come to your blog.

In today’s time, along with this strategy, many people have made blogs only on crypto currency, on which very good traffic is being received in today’s time also because not many blogs related to crypto have been made yet. In this blog topic also you will get High Cpc towards Google Adsense, especially if your blog is in English then you can earn well even on less users. By the way, apart from Google Adsense from this blog, you can also earn a lot of money from Refer and Earn and Affiliate Marketing.


Can be a very good option for you because it is related to money and money is an important part of everyone’s life, today everyone wants to earn money, save money and earn money by investing money. If you are an expert in saving and investing money in these matters or you have studied related to it then you can start a blog on finance where you will get a good traffic which will make your income very good. In this way, by creating a Finance Blog, you can inform people about things like “Money Saving Tips” or “Investments Tips” (Mutual Funds, SIP, Stock Market, Trading) where this thing is most popular on the Internet. You can also monetize this type of blog with Google Adsense and earn money by referring money investing apps like Groww App or Upstox App and other apps or websites and bring good traffic to your blog.

Conclusion – Top 10 Blogging Topic Ideas

So friends, this was some information about Top 10 Blogging Topic Ideas, in which you came to know about some good blog topics, which blog topic is the best, in which earning is also very good, where you got the answer to your question. I hope this information will be helpful for you Top 10 Blogging Topics Ideas, which you must have also liked, so that you can start your blog by choosing a blog topic of your choice and earn. If you liked this information then share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media and if you have any problem or suggestion then you can ask in the comment or about it.

Can I write a blog on any topic?

Yes, you have to see which subject interests you. Also check that people want to know about that topic only then it will be beneficial for you. Because there are blogs about almost every topic, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are good.

Which topic blog gets maximum traffic?

Most of the traffic on the news blog comes by searching the internet, but making a news blog is the most difficult task in which you have to write and publish more and more news daily.

What can be the best blog topic for a new blogger?

It would be better for a new blogger to create a blog by selecting one topic or micro niche topic according to their interest and knowledge, which you can manage easily and become successful quickly.

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