10 Best Blogging Platforms Revealed! Secret Formula for Choosing the Perfect

Want to Start a Blog? These Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms Will Blow Your Mind! Today’s post is about the top 10 best blogging platforms. You will learn about 10 blogging platforms that are considered the best in today’s time. This will help you choose the right platform for your blog. When starting a blog, two main concerns are deciding on a topic and choosing the right platform. Both of these factors play a crucial role in determining your blogging career’s success.

Your blogging will be successful or unsuccessful. Well, in today’s time, more than 10 blogging platforms will be found on the internet, but in these blogging platforms, there are hardly two or three such platforms on which you can start blogging and become successful and the rest of the platforms are only for learning.

In this post I will tell about 10 Best Blogging Platforms where I will give information about the advantages and disadvantages of these Platforms so that you can decide for yourself which is the Best Blogging Platforms and which Platform you should go for. So if you want to know about these Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms or are looking for Best Blogging Platforms for yourself, then this post is for you, in which information about some Paid Blogging Platform as well as some Free Blogging Platform is given. has gone. With which you will be able to make sure on which platform you should create a blog.

What is blog and blogging?

Before knowing about Top 10 Blogging Platform, we know what is Blog and Blogging because many new people do not have any knowledge about Blog and Blogging, so there is no need for such people to know about Blogging Platform. Is.

Blog is a type of website published on the Internet, which helps to convey any subject or personal information to the people of the world through text, video and images. Due to which your respect increases in the eyes of the people of the world. Popularity increases, not only this, you can monetize the content shared on the blog with Google Adsense and many other ways and earn money from your blog.

Friends, the person who creates a blog and shares information on it is called a blogger, the work done on the blog is called blogging, here everything you do from creating a blog to earning money is blogging. Friends, when a person thinks of blogging by making a blog, then he needs a place to make a blog, like land is needed to build a house, this place is called a blogging platform from where you start blogging.

Blogging Platform is the place which gives you complete facility to create a blog and after creating a blog helps you in any blogging work so that you can manage that blog completely. In today’s time there are many blogging platforms where you yourself decide which platform you will use to create your blog. Because in these Blogging Platform also there are some good Platforms which give you better facility of Blogging and there are also some bad Platforms which do not give you good facility. So in this way you must have understood what is a blogging platform, now we know about some good top 10 blogging platforms from where you should start blogging by creating your blog.

Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms

Friends, there is more than one blogging platform on the internet, so no one can say that this blogging platform is good and the other is bad, because there is a different thinking behind creating these blogging platforms, as well as different ability to work. Here every person has to decide what work he has to do, what kind of blog to make, what is suitable for him and accordingly choose his blogging platform and make a blog there and work on it. Therefore, along with giving the list of Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms, we will know about both the good and bad of all these platforms and also know which platform is better for which work, so let’s know about all of them in detail.


Blogger.com is a unique blogging platform created by Google where you can create your blog for free without spending a single rupee, where you neither need to buy domain nor buy hosting because here you will get sub-domain for free. Get. Free hosting service is also available with this. Meaning it is absolutely free from where any person in the world can create a free blog on Blogger, for which nothing is needed, just go to Blogger.com’s website, login with your Gmail ID and enter your name. And URL has to be given, your blog will be created.

Here you get all the features to create and manage a blog where you can design your blog well with some free themes and share your information as well as other ways to earn money from blog with Google Adsense Earning can be done from but there are some drawbacks in this platform like from here you get sub domain not main domain, blog designing options are limited, you do not have control over your blog, Google has control. Coding is required to do anything here.

But it is also true that if you are looking for a good platform to do blogging for free, then you will not find any other platform better than Blogger, here you are given a free sub-domain by Blogger, but if you want, a custom domain. Can also buy. So if you are thinking on which platform to create a blog for free then blogger is the best option for you, although it is not very good in terms of blogging facility, but there is no better platform than this for free.


WordPress comes first in the list of Best Blogging Platforms because both Free and Paid facilities are available here where Paid is an advanced level. By the way, WordPress is not a Blogging Platform, but it is Open Source Software which gives you many other features along with creating a Blog / Website on the Internet. WordPress is the lifeblood of all bloggers on the internet because without it many bloggers would never be able to be successful in blogging. Creating a blog on WordPress is very easy and it has made the work of bloggers so easy that the work of hours is done in few minutes.

First of all, we talk about the Paid plan of WordPress i.e. WordPress.org which is Totally Paid, here you have to pay money to do anything but you also get the facility of blogging here. To create a blog on WordPress, you have to buy Hosting and Domain, where it costs at least 2500 – 3000 rupees, only then you can create a blog on WordPress, but its benefits are also many.

It is very easy to create a blog here, more than 1500 free themes and plugins are available to design the blog, here with the help of plugins and elementor, you can give a professional design to your blog in less time. And the most important thing is that you have complete control over this blog, it is your ownership, it is your property, there are enough options available for blogging, whether it is about writing blog posts, about blog SEO, plugins such are available that will turn your working hours into minutes. And this is the reason why most of the people prefer to blog on WordPress.

In today’s time more than 30% blogs/websites available on the internet are built on wordpress, so I have always been of the opinion that if you are interested in blogging and think about earning money, then you should start your blog on it. Should start Although WordPress.com is also a free plan of WordPress, which allows you to create a completely free blog, but creating a free blog on WordPress does not give you the same features that are available in its paid plan.

If you are creating a blog just to learn blogging, or you are creating a blog for fun, then you can create a blog using WordPress.com. But if you are serious about blogging and want to earn money from blogging then you should make a blog with WordPress.org which is paid where blog is made by buying domain, hosting. Or if you do not have money then you can create your blog on Blogger.


Wix is also a good platform in Best Blogging Platforms, although it is not a Blogging Platform, but it is a Cloud Based Website Bulder, with the help of which you can create your Blog / Website on Wix for your Business or any other work. Here also you will get both free plan and paid plan, but there is no point in making a blog by investing money here and advertisements are shown here in the free plan. Talking about the features available here, there is no coding required to create a blog here, you get the option to add a custom domain, you get a selection of templates once, there is no plugin here. For all these reasons it is not appropriate to make money earning blog here but if you are willing to learn blogging or want to know more about Wix then you can make a blog here.


Friends, Weebly is also a good blogging platform available on the Internet, so that you can create all kinds of blogs and websites, there are also both free and paid plans, from which you can create any type of website. Friends, this Weebly is a popular platform from where more than 50 million websites have been created so far, which is a completely mobile friendly platform where you can create your blog or website from mobile. Here you get all the domains after creating a blog, there is an option to add custom domain, here the facility of creating a blog / website is good, where you can easily create a professional website with the help of drag-drop.

Because of all these features, Weebly has made its place in the Best Blogging Platforms, but still it is far behind in terms of Blogging, because Weebly still does not have as many features as it needs in Blogging. If we talk about its features, then many website building tools are available in it, best custom themes are available, customer support is also good, limited storage is available here, shows ads in free plan. So if you are thinking of making a website for free then you can use it.


Friends Medium is also a good blogging platform, but for those who want to spread their story to the people of the world through content writing, this platform can prove to be much better. The specialty of this medium is that it ranks your content very fast in Google and its user interface is very good, but if you think of earning money by blogging here, then this platform is of no use to you because here You cannot earn money from any ad network. Most bloggers use this platform to make backlinks from here only to bring traffic to their blog. It is the best platform for writing and publishing, plus it is completely free. Friends, a blogger’s dream is to create his blog, work hard on it, monetize his blog and earn money from it, and on this criterion this platform is not better for you.


Friends, many people know Tumblr as a blogging platform, but it is not a blogging platform, rather it is a kind of social media site, where you can put some content and earn some money through these followers. can think about. If we talk about its features, then Tumblr.com allows you to create a blog on all domains, there is no option to add custom domain, thousands of themes can be found, but there is no feature in it. For your information, let us tell you that India’s megastar Amitabh Bachchan has a blog on this. srbachchan.tumblr.com

On which platform should I create a blog

Friends if you want to know my opinion which platform I recommend for making a blog then I always say the same thing buy your blog hosting and domain and make it on wordpress because this platform is most helpful. More facilities available. I also started blogging on Blogger. I am also aware of the problem there. But it also does not mean that Blogger is useless, there is no better platform than this for free, but in today’s era if you are thinking of getting success in blogging, then you have to come to WordPress. Many people are afraid of the cost of hosting and domain, but how much money is spent everyday. But if any of you understood my point and now want to buy hosting and domain and want to make your blog on wordpress then I suggest a good hosting for that that is hostinger

Which platform is better for SEO – Blogger or WordPress?

WordPress is often considered more SEO-friendly than Blogger due to its advanced SEO plugins and customizable options. However, with proper optimization, you can achieve good SEO results on both platforms.

Can I switch platforms later if I start with one platform?

Yes, it is possible to switch platforms later. For example, if you start with Blogger and decide to move to WordPress, you can export your content from Blogger and import it into WordPress. However, the process may require some technical knowledge or assistance.

Can I use my own domain name with these platforms?

Yes, both Blogger and WordPress offer the option to use a custom domain name for your blog. With a custom domain, your blog will have a more professional and branded appearance.

Do these platforms provide customer support?

Both Blogger and WordPress.com offer customer support through their respective support forums or help centers. However, with self-hosted WordPress.org, support is dependent on your web hosting provider.

Can I customize the design of my blog?

Yes, both Blogger and WordPress provide customization options for designing your blog. WordPress offers a wider range of themes and plugins to customize the look and functionality of your blog.

Can I switch from a free platform to a self-hosted platform later?

Yes, it is possible to switch from a free platform like Blogger or WordPress.com to a self-hosted WordPress.org platform in the future. This will give you more control and flexibility over your blog’s design and monetization options.

Which is the best blogging platform for beginners?

A: For beginners, I would recommend starting with either Blogger or WordPress.com. Both platforms offer user-friendly interfaces and free hosting options to get started with blogging.

Is WordPress better than Blogger?

WordPress is generally considered a more powerful and flexible platform compared to Blogger. WordPress offers more customization options, a wider range of themes and plugins, and greater control over your blog’s content and design.

Can I earn money from blogging?

Yes, you can earn money from blogging through various monetization methods such as Google AdSense, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products or services.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

The cost of starting a blog can vary depending on your chosen platform and the level of customization you require. Blogger and WordPress.com offer free options, while self-hosted WordPress.org requires purchasing a domain name and web hosting, which can cost around $50-100 per year.

Conclusion – Best Blogging Platform

So, friends, this was some information about the Best Blogging Platforms, about which we have explained in detail about the Best Blogging Platforms, so that you can understand better on which platform to make your blog. I hope this information has been beneficial for you, which you have liked, with the help of which you can create your blog by choosing the best blogging platform from the top 10 best blogging platforms. If you like this information then share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media and if you have any problem or suggestion then you can write in comment.

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